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The Banner Comes Forth (16.8.08)

“I AM.

I love My prophets that bring forth My Word in due season;

                                that encourage my people;

                                that chide the souls of man;

                                that speak to authorities in nations,

                                                                       in cities,

                                                                 and in gatherings of the people of The Lord.


      The Lord,

            now bring forth My Banner,

                                                   of the Kingdom,

                                                   of Grace,

                                                   of Justice,

            to inspire as the Holy Spirit guides My people in the coming times of trial.

Before the eyes of enslaved nations this unfurled Banner held high in honour,

                      in praise and in glory will cast down the battlements of Beelzebub.

Demons will flee;

            for dominions,

                  long held in bondage,

                        will be free.

My Spirit shall place a victor’s crown on each who so deserves.

            For the battle shall be fierce.

            And few there be among the sons of men who will join it.

But fear not!

            Do I not command the Hosts of Heaven?

                  For I do The Father’s will.

                  And I shall prevail over all the powers of the enemy until the end of time.

            Touch not My Prophets.

            Touch not those chosen by The Lord.

            Touch not those anointed by My Spirit.

            Behold the deception in My house.

            Behold the deception laid bare for all to see across the nations.


                  the very ether of the earth reels in disbelief at what the mind of man conceives to carry on the winds:

                                                                                                                                          to the four corners of the earth;

                                                                                                                                          even unto all the islands of the seas.

                  Great in wrath shall be the judgement of The Father,

                        against these workers in defilement that debauch the Kingdom of The Son.

I shall receive My own to Myself,

            those for whom I long.

            Those whose names I hold close to My heart.

            Those whose places I am now preparing.

To the others,

            to those who never knew Me,


         The Lord,



                        the wine press is prepared.


                        and turn from your evil ways while it is yet today.”


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