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The End-time Vision From God 7.7.12)


    The Lord Jesus,

        speak to My servant Anthony this day with a vision for the earth,

                                                                      with a vision for My advent,

                                                                      with a vision all encompassing for the edifice of God.


    The Lord Jesus,

        speak in affirmation,

        speak in testimony,

        speak in The Father’s will of My servant Anthony’s receiving of a vision,

                                                                                declaring of a vision,

                                                                                testifying of a vision.

            For this vision comes from the throne room of God:

                                                                           is for this end-time of change,

                                                                           is for the tribulation of man,

                                                                           is for the presence of My bride,

                                                                           is for the politicians of the earth,

                                                                           is for the prepared of God,

                                                                           is for the coming day of light,

                                                                           is for the governance of the Kingdom of God.

            For this vision comes from The Trinity of Light:

                                                                           is for the advent of The Lord,

                                                                           is for the transitioning of the saints,

                                                                           is for the pouring out of the wrath of God,

                                                                           is for the rider on the white stallion,

                                                                           is for the witnessing of all upon the earth,

                                                                           is for the fulfilment of My word,

                                                                           is for the coronation of the King of kings.

            For this vision comes forth with My Spirit’s seal:

                                                                           is for the multitudes as I have proclaimed,

                                                                           is for the sheep within the fold,

                                                                           is for the welcome to eternity,

                                                                           is for the curbing of the devil,

                                                                           is for the granting of grace to the end-time residue,

                                                                           is for the uplifting of My people,

                                                                           is for the sealing of My Bride.

            Anthony has received a vision:

                                                       dictated straight from God,

                                                       complete within the books of God,

                                                       broadcast on the network of The Lord,

                                                       laid upon the table of The Lord as His end-time fare,

                                                       built upon completion for The Bride before The Altar.

            Anthony has written down the fulness of the vision,

                                                        the intent of the vision,

                                                        the message of the vision:

                             so it may stand before the peoples of the earth without adulteration,

                                                                                        without exaggeration,

                                                                                        without the interference of man.

            Anthony has scribed that which he has heard;

                                              so it may herald truth with great validity,

                                              so it may preserve the dictates of The Lord,

                                              so it may bear witness to the nations of the end-time on their lives.

            Anthony has secured the vision in its scope,

                                               the vision in its blessings,

                                               the vision in its warnings,

                                               the vision in its urgings,

                                               the vision in its lambastings,

                                               the vision in its magnificence of purpose.

            Anthony has tied the end-time knot of God which holds the parcel of the record of the promises for eternity,

                                                                                                                                 the promises of eternity,

                                                                                                                 the promises for the committed to The Lord,

                                                                                                 the promises which stand upon the rock,

                                                                                 the promises parcelled in the books of God,

                                                                the promises readied in the parcel for all who will tie the knot which seals.

            Anthony has a close relationship with God,

                           speaks the tongues of victory,

                           fulfils in honour and integrity the taskings of The Lord,

                           holds two way conversations,

                           knows the Spirit’s presence in a temple,

                           carries the fear of God within his heart.


    The Lord Jesus,

        speak to the world at large;

        speak to the secrets closeted for shame;

        speak to the rewards dressed for honour;

        speak to the innocent imprisoned;

        speak to the guilty running free;

        speak from a position of authority and knowledge –

                                      that man should understand all will be addressed,

                                                                                    all will be exposed to light,

                                                                                    all will see the gates of justice swing:

                                                                                                        one way or the other;

        speak what is necessary to accomplish the will of God upon the earth.”



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