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The Marriage of Two People (29.6.15)

“The marriage of two people is blessed by God as the starting point of families.

The marriage of two people cannot be sanctified when the rules of union are ignored.

The marriage of two people raises questions of common sense –

                    when the prospect of a family in the blood lines of the parents is impossible to realize;

                    when the marriage of convenience can never have fruit seated round a table;

                    when a marriage born of unholy intent expects little else but unholy practices of desire based on unholy lust.

The marriage of two people is not recognized by God where the use of ’love’ as a descriptor of an unholy relationship serves
                                                                                                                                                                                    no purpose –

                                                                                                                                               other than that of self-gratification –

                                                                  where ‘I’ and ‘me’  as partners in the ‘we’ and ‘us’ are the only pronouns heard in use.

The marriage of two people is of no effect where the absence of God speaks volumes to the godly,

                                    speaks volumes for the need to be disguised,

                                    speaks volumes in the quest to make the unacceptable ‘acceptable’ before the foolish and the vain,

                                    speaks volumes for the travesty of My edifice being so invaded by sin.

The marriage of two people speaks volumes where two ‘partners’ who look alike seek the approval of those who should know better;

                                              speaks volumes for the freewill of the ‘would-be’ servants with hearts
                                                   which are seen to surface in un-acceptance by The Living God;

                                                   which choose to desecrate the sanctity of the edifice of God,

                                                   which break the covenants once agreed to be upheld before the altars of The Lord,

                                                   which give approval to the immoral and unrighteous to so commit profanity right in the face of God,

                                                                                     to so contaminate the altars before which they are allowed to stand.

The marriage of two people such as these need the breaking of satanic bonds,

                                                          need the dissolution of such a coupling as in force,

                                            need the repentance of each heart with the healing from and despatching of the addiction without honour:

                                                       as the inclinations were impressed upon each soul when first practised in the darkness.

The marriage of two people such as these are outside the ‘norms’ expected for behaviour,

                                                                    are outside the ‘norms’ for the building of a family,

                                                                    are outside the ‘norms’ set be the morality of God.

The marriage of two people such as these shelter within the ethics of man,

                                                                desire respectability for the un-respectable in the sight of God,

                                                            seek acceptance for deeds long known for being unworthy for the participation of man,

                                                       shouts to the rooftops that all is not well in the lands of man in condoning by authorisation –

                                                                        that which was and is an abomination as practised in Sodom and Gomorrah.

The marriage of two people in unity of gender confirms the will of Satan,

                                                                           confirms the accepting of satanic impulses,

                                                                           verifies unrighteousness in action and in deed.

The marriage of two people in unity of gender are not figureheads for adoption of a child;

                                                              only wish to spread the guilt from misadventure to the innocent as put under their control;

                                                              seek to teach by example the ways they have acquired;

                                                              would wish upon another that from which they suffer.

The marriage of two people in unity of gender ignore the facts that the love of a man is intended for a woman;

                                                                                                    that the love of a woman is intended for a man.

         For the youth who feel at risk,

                               who want to play within the confines where sin is rampant,

                               who want to explore that which may blight their lives,

                                                                        which may assign each to a life of loneliness,

                                                                        which may decree a lifestyle of regret:

                                                                                should not play with fire unable to be quenched;

                                                                                should not seek that which is forbidden by God;

                                                          should not destroy the intent where man and woman meet face to face in the marriage bed.

The marriage of two people in unity of gender should not be proposed by those engaged in such contemplation,

                                                                                                                                             in those establishing such urges,

                                                        in those who would know the true love of a child commensurate with the will of God.

         The marriage bed is holy.

         The marriage bed is where both man and woman are honoured by God.

         The marriage bed of God should not be defiled by the lustful urgings as brought by Satan.

The marriage of two people is to be the highlight of their lives,

                                                                               of the cementing of relationships under the auspices of God,

                                                                               of the starting of a family,

                                                                               of the due blessings of the grandchildren as they skip and jump and grow.

The marriage of two people unite two bloodlines into the tree of life with new branches filled with leaves.

The marriage of two people sealed by God to walk with God are in line for the promises of God,

                                                                                                  are in line for happiness with family,

                                                                                                  are in line for the blessings of God,

                                                                                                                   for encountering the favour of The Lord,

                                                                                                                   for the conversion of a home into the temples –

                                                                                                  wherein each soul may dwell in the presence of My Spirit.”


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