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Righteousness (28.12.11)

“Righteousness is a prerequisite for entry into the presence of God.

Righteousness enables trust within the truth.

Righteousness prevails against the intent of evil.

Righteousness is the source of a relationship with God.

Righteousness surmounts the temptations of depravity,

                                          the temptations of iniquity,

                                          the temptations of debauchery,

                                          the temptations of dishonesty,

                                          the temptations of deceit,

                                          the temptations of idolatry,

                                          the temptations of man deemed by God as sin.

Righteousness is built on faith,

                        is anchored on faith,

                        is established on faith.

      For as righteousness exists within the character

                                                                                  so it is ascribed as measured within the soul.

      For as righteousness calibrates the influence of the spirit

                                                                                  so the soul is plumbed to the depth ascribed.

      For as righteousness surmounts the mountaintop of faith

                                                                                  so sin is vanquished from the temple ascribed to God. 

Righteousness is the backbone of existence,

                        is the central concept within a life,

                        is the keynote of exploration,

                        is the harbinger of peace.

Righteousness walks hand in hand with God.

Righteousness does not straddle a fence of separation,

                        does not promote a shadow,

                        does not frequent the shade.

Righteousness is a companion to The Son light,

                        is a companion to The Spirit’s counsel,

                        is inherent in The Father’s outlook.

Righteousness is an acquisition of the soul,

                        is an attribute of the justice of Divinity,

                        is a requirement issuing from the throne room of God.

Righteousness imparts strength into a character,

                        imparts strength to withstand temptation,

                        imparts strength to deflect the fiery darts of demons.

Righteousness is not kindled in the spirit,

                        is not transmitted to the soul,

                        is not manifested by the body:

                                                     by the pursuance of the temptations of man.

Righteousness imparts knowledge to pursue the wisdom which enables access to the counselling of God.

Righteousness is achievable through faith,

                        is achievable through freewill,

                        is achievable by a mindset of repentance,

                                                   a mindset of forgiveness,

                                                   a mindset of commitment,

                                                   a mindset which walks the morality of God.

Righteousness develops in a storyline of truth which rests upon a life as it learns the ways of God.

Righteousness develops as a life changes the contents of its shopping,

                                                                           of what it carries home,

                                                                           of what it chooses to consume,

                                                                           of what it then discards as bitter to the tongue.

Righteousness follows the cleaning of a house,

                                     the forsaking of idolatry,

                                     the disposing of the dross which is not transmitted through the fire.

Righteousness abounds within the temple known to God,

                        is secure when cared for by The Spirit of God,

                        is protected when subjected to an unwise decision in the presence of God.

Righteousness is essential in the preparation of The Bride,

                                           in the being of The Bride,

                                           in the qualifying of The Bride.

Righteousness is at the forefront of discussion in the selection of The Bride,

                                                                       in the encouraging of The Bride,

                                                                       in the rejection of those who have delayed their preparation beyond the day of man.

Righteousness is not hidden in a stoppered bottle pending its release;

                        is not awaiting at the summit of a mountain built of glass and ice;

                        is not dependent on a list of do’s and don’ts;

                        is not a substance of the senses which puts a burden on a back;

                        is not the acquiring of a password which guarantees success;

                        is not the sequencing of activities which builds a rope to heaven.

Righteousness is not proclaimed by man,

                        is not fettered by the freewill of man,

                        is not achieved by those without commitment.

Righteousness affects the heart of man,

                        affects the welfare of man,

                        affects the future of man,

                        affects the compassion of the love of man,

                        affects what becomes the centre of the affection of man,

                        affects the willingness of man to serve.

Righteousness is the gate which is opened by The Spirit of God in the presence of the faith of man:

                                        as faith so dwells within the soul of man.

Righteousness has no weight to carry,

                        brings joy with exhilaration,

                        settles a life with clarity of perspective,

                                            with understanding of the purpose,

                                            with fulfilment bound within a new covenant in force.”


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