Book 1 'God Speaks of Return and Bannered'

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Reviewer: GB
Apr 2010              

Frontcover book1 0208low 112x173'GOD SPEAKS of His Return - Introduces His Banner' is a fascinating collection of divinely originated texts transcribed from the visionary voice of God, exhorting those with eyes to see and ears to listen, to unite under the Kingdom Flag (Emblem) of God and to prepare for the second coming. With strong references to biblical passages containing guidance to this effect, this book will be a spiritually uplifting study vehicle for all who seek spiritual enlightenment through Pentecostal teachings.




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Reviewer: AJE  
10th Feb 2013          *****

This isFrontcover book1 0208low 112x173 where it all began: The very first collection in Anthony Eddy's "God Speaks" series of poetry. This is the very beginning of fictional prophet Anthony Eddy's communion with the Lord and transmission of His missives from above. In this book, God announces His return to the world of man and reiterates the messages present in the Biblical scriptures: Man's fall, damnation, and salvation at His hands.
Although a bit more fire-and-brimstone oriented than later works in the series, "God Speaks of His Return, Introduces His Banner" is still a must-have for any believer's ebook library. The messages of salvation and inspiration presented herein are spectacularly written. They absolutely should not go to waste. My one nitpick is that the nature of Eddy's prophethood is never explicitly stated to be a fictional trapping for the poems presented; however, I don't really think that's a big deal, since it's clear from a close reading of the text. A+, I highly recommend.

Rating         4 / 5
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Reviewer: DN
12th Apr 2013          *****

So this isFrontcover book1 0208low 112x173 the first book in the "God Speaks..." collection? First off, I'd like to congratulate Eddy on splitting up these religious texts in books, so we as the audience can digest it a little easier.
The first thing I noticed was that the intro, before you start the actual book, is quite long. I believe that it starts at page 42? This is very far in, and it would be nice if you could condense the long intro into a few pages so we can get into the book sooner. Some people are really impatient and would not want to wait so many pages.
I kind of didn't understand the flag pictures at the beginning. So you pronounce this to be the new flag of the kingdom of God just because you dreamed it? This might not go down so well with a few people. But by looking at the photos and products you've produced using this design I can see you go the extra mile to sell what you believe, and that you care very much.
I have a feeling that this book in the whole series is the most wordy one. More words are fitted onto the page. They're very hard words sometimes, but when put into context are easy to grasp. I can see that your style (the poetic format) is just developing with this first book, and having reviewed your other ones, it develops well.
I think I've reviewed all the other books in the series now, so I'd like to say that you did very well, now you just have to sell them! Good luck!

Rating         4 / 5
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Reviewer: JD
11th Jun 2013          *****

I had actuFrontcover book1 0208low 112x173ally read the other two books in this series before I read this one. I wasn’t aware of the chronology of the books, and I would’ve started with this one if I had my time back. “God Speaks of His Return; Introduces His Banner – His Flag – His Standard” is the first book of a series that talks about God’s will, including that of mankind and the book also imparts wisdom in addition to explanations of prophecies particularly with regards to that of the second coming.
It makes use of references from the Bible. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the section of the History of the Book, as it basically paves the way or explain how this book came to be. I also enjoyed all the images contained herein, as the other books didn’t really have pictures and I find that pictures somewhat keeps the audience attention a bit more.
As with the other books, I like the poetry style, even though this whole book isn’t written in that manner it still contains a fair bit of it. I also like the direct scriptural references and it will be good too for those who want to check what the Bible has to say about it.
The section describing the flag is also nice. It gives the reader a history or maybe even an understanding of what it is about. I also appreciate the information about the author and a bit of his family history. Overall I enjoyed all the books in the series even though as I have said before I am not a religious person!

Rating         5 / 5
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Reviewer: JBW
12th Jun 2013          *****

This book haFrontcover book1 0208low 112x173s a somewhat different tone than others in the series. There is more of a dramatic, epic feel to the writing, and more focus on the "wrathful" aspects of God. The "fire-and-brimstone" passages, as well as the anti-abortion part and certain discussions of men's vs. women's roles, won't appeal to some readers.
There are pro-environmental parts ("The Pathways of the Rain" and "The Beauty of the Earth"). "The Fall of a House of Hell" can be interpreted as an attack on immoral corporations and greed.
The contents of this volume are searchable by links to the first page of each section, which is helpful. The exact significance of the "Vision Scriptures" as they might relate to today is left up to the readers - note that these passages are not listed in the order they come in in the Bible.
Regarding "The Divine Scriptural Revelations": the Blue Bible site the author used to search this for all Biblical references to specific words and concepts sounds like a great research tool.
Some of the words used are archaic or obscure (such as ecclesia, oilstone, and replevin). Putting in footnotes with definitions of these words would help readers' comprehension.
The explanation about the flag is a little confusing, and requires careful reading to comprehend fully. The number of ellipses is a bit distracting, and there are a few typos, punctuation errors, and substitutions of sound-alike words. The structure of some paragraphs is a bit difficult to follow; perhaps some formatting changes might help this.
Again, this book definitely has an audience, if not a mainstream one. It would appeal to smaller religious publishers.

Rating         3 / 5
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