My Scrolls

Bk8. 'God Speaks of Loving His Creation' (74 Scrolls, 280 pages)

Free In Deed (2.7.16)

I, The Lord Jesus, cause this, My end-time record for man, to be brought before him: for his perusal in order he may come to an understanding— of his prospects for a future life with Me; recommend man’s examin...

The Days of Embitterment and Accord (3.3.16)

The days of embitterment filled with dissatisfaction are about to come as thunderstorms within the sky, are about to overshadow those who will succumb, are about to spread discontent leading into violence, are ...

Entry to My Garden (4.3.16)

is at the will of God; is protected from the gate-crashers, is protected from those who carry sin, is protected from those of whom I do not testify to The Father; can be by invitation in mortality which affects the entity

The Sparkle of A Diamond (6.3.16)

as cut and polished by man, is beautiful to behold, is beautiful to wear, is beautiful to own, is beautiful as a repository of wealth, is beautiful as the size increases, is beautiful as it transfers through the generations.

The Terror of The Seas (8.3.16)

is present in My gardens of example, is present in the seas of man’s mortality, is present in the fears of man, is present when outside the ability to control, is present when man resorts to weapons which result in ...

The Variations in The Sea Level (9.3.16)

should be of concern to man, are of concern to God, are of concern to all who watch and wait; have gone beyond the control of man, are the result of man’s pumping of his dirt into the air which he must breathe,

Sequences in My Garden (10.3.16)

depend upon location; are sorted by intent, are submitted upon acceptance, are imposed upon surround- ings, are withdrawn upon completion of either inspection or participation; may be either short or long,

The Beating of A Drum (13.3.16)

signifies a march within a street, a march into a field of battle, a march of death which bears a coffin high, a march of movement with stragglers aplenty, a march embracing a call to arms, a march all out of step with...

The Swan of Regality (17.3.16)

sets the stage as her platform of presentation, of a queenly stance upon the water, of both preened and aligned with care; watches, listens, repositions herself with dominance and grace, moves in style and ...

The Comfort of The Lord (3) (17.3.16)

rests within My garden, rests with fellowship and trust, rests with significance and worth; speaks to My companionship: with those I know who committed to the values which I taught, with those I know who ...

Life Within My Garden (18.3.16)

is not crowded; has space aplenty for any and all activities, has space aplenty for displays of interest, of grandeur, of tableaux fit for gardens; does not create a chorus of cries for help, speaks of contentment in ...

The Cheerleader of My Garden (19.3.16)

is My Spirit in His fullness; is significant in His abilities, knows the placement which obviates a search, knows the specifications both for location and the access, knows the introductory details for journeying ...


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