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Bk7. 'God Speaks to His Edifice' (201 Scrolls, 514 pages)

Believe Be Guided Be Warned (10.12.12)

Anthony, My son, has served with honour unto completion of the vision as declared to him over many hours of days stretching into years. As I, The Lord, have spoken, so Anthony has recorded accurately and in fullne...

I, The Lord (2) (5.11.12)

speak to the world at large this day, speak to the multitudes who are without the God of Love, speak to My people who are in-waiting for their King, declare to all mankind: declare to The Holy Land; declare to The ...

The Edifice of God (2) (5.11.12)

is the architecture of His rule, is the baseline for the building of His structures, is the canopy which embraces the edicts of His Kingdom’s rule, is comprised of the design parameters by which His Kingdom governs, is...

The Edicts of The Lord (6.11.12)

are not impositions on the presence of man, are not oppressive on the presence of man, are not opaque directives on the presence of man, are not arbitrary in content on the presence of man, are not immoral in ...

No Other Gods - Edict 1 (11.11.12)

There shall be no other gods before the face of man, on the tongue of man, in the hands of man, taught by man, acknowledged by man, in the sight of man, on the earth of God, imaged by man, praised by man...

No Idols on The Earth - Edict 2 (13.11.12)

Edict Two from The Heavens unto The Earth. There shall be neither engraved nor inscribed images of idols on The Earth of God. Man shall take great care not to convert either his activities or his possessions into ...

No Blasphemy of God - Edict 3 (14.11.12)

Edict Three from The Heavens unto The Earth. The ears of the earth shall not hear the blasphemy of man. The voice of man shall not: blaspheme his God, disparage his God, curse his God, abjure his God, malign ...

No Laying Waste The Works of God - Edict 4 (14.11.12)

Edict Four from The Heavens unto The Earth. Man who chooses to lay waste the works of God incurs accountability before The Great White Throne of God. The works of God shall not be laid to waste by man ...

Honour Your Family Members - Edict 5 (16.11.12)

Edict Five from The Heavens unto The Earth. Honour your parents; honour your grand parents; honour your siblings, honour your children, honour your grand children, honour your in-laws: that all may be well within...

The Pride of The Lion of Judah - Edict 6 (17.11.12)

Edict Six from The Heavens unto The Earth. My people in the land of Israel have become blinded by the law: keep it as they see fit, ignore it when their comfort is disturbed, hide behind it as the instructions of their ...

No Broken Abjurations - Edict 7 (17.11.12)

Edict Seven from The Heavens unto The Earth. The multitudes of man together with My people shall live as kingdom citizens abiding in righteousness within freewill with self-control. My kingdom citizens shall abjur...

All to be in The Kingdom of God - Edict 8 (18.11.12)

Edict Eight from The Heavens unto The Earth. As grace fades edicts appear; as grace fades Kingdom rule appears; as grace fades faith fades. As faith fades knowledge materializes; as faith fades the rule of man ...


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