Book 8 'GOD Speaks of Loving
                                His Creation'
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Book 8 frontcover without bleed 112x173 200dpi

Book 8 'His Creation'

                             Book 8
                                      GOD Speaks of Loving His Creation

                                             On that which has been long designed to benefit man:

to extend The Call of God for the freBook 8 frontcover without bleed 112x173 200dpiewill of man;

to reach out into the loving heart of man,
to set in place lasting friendships:
for the immortality of man.
And so are the calls emphasized for man,
brought forthwith to his attention,
demanding nothing in return –
except that born of agapé:
  the lay-out on the cross.


  • 8th Book Review (1)              'GOD Speaks of Loving His Creation'

    Book 8 has a full indexing (1,100 + items) in its Appendix of all the other 8 volumes in The End-time Psalms of God.
    This is also together with the
    Cross-indexed Category Study Aid listed under 29 topics: Communication, DivCom Daniel, DivCom Revelation, DivCom Ezekiel, Edicts of The Lord, Edifice of God, Encouragement, Eternity Beckoning, Fear of God, Freewill of Man, Good News, My Banner, My Counsel, My Creation, My Garden, My Grace, My Harvest, My Kingdom on Earth, My Love, My Return, Preparation, Thanksgiving of Man, The Cross, The End-time, The Trinity, Tongues, Vision & Dream, Website of The Lord, Wisdom.


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