Temples and Tithing - A Book by John Edmiston

Jesus has set us FREE!            So how FREE are we?

This unravels 'the blurring, by so many of today's preachers, of the distinction between the law and the gospel.'

This 75 page 'book is about Tithing and Christian Finances.
It's a book about Circumcision, Diets, The Sabbath, Festivals and Rules in general.
It's a book about Jesus and what He has done for us on the cross.'

'You should come out of it with a very clear understanding of the differences between the Old Testament and the New Testament, law and grace, faith and works and a powerful appreciation of the amazing yet radical nature of the gospel.'

DOWNLOAD 'Temples and Tithing' 1.9MB PDF FILE HERE

It is complete with several relevant Background additions at the back (9 pages) added by permission:
The 'Author's Bio' (1 page)
The 'Aims and Beliefs' (1 page)
The 'Early Creeds' (2 pages: Apostles; Nicene; Definition of Chalcedon - 451 A.D.)
'The Lausanne Covenant' 1974 (5 pages)
This Book and the documents are supplied with the Author's kind permission with the details as below and as appear on the above book and documents

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May it be long remembered and so set the people free.

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