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3. How Do We Ensure a Healthy Body, Soul, and Spirit?

The Banner of Destiny (12.1.09)

falls upon the earth and is not uplifted, is there to be beheld, is there for a time of preparation, speaks of God in action, speaks of a Kingdom with a vacant throne, speaks of coming events, of the coronation of ...

The End-time Catalysts of Destiny (19.6.12)

The movement of man as he approaches God, as he distances himself from God, are the catalysts of destiny which impact on the soul, which greet the spirit, which put postures on the body. Something so simple as ...

The Sanctity of Life (5.2.09)

carries a crown of preservation, is an edict from The Lord, has overtures of eternity, has the highest of priorities, speaks of a commitment of love, a commitment of unselfishness, a commitment of humility...

The Eggs of Life (20.4.10)

are a sacred trust, are there to free man from a clone, bring divergency to the habitation of each soul, are not there to be gathered for later use, are not to be placed within an ampoule, are not to be placed in a ...

The Genetics of Man (4.6.10)

The science of genetics was a puzzle to the world, started with the improvements to the plants, progressed to the improvements to the animals, ends with improvements to the being known as man. The improvements...

The Seeping of The Blood (3.8.12)

goes from red to black, goes from sticky to a solid, goes from the landscapes of man to the temples of The Lord, is inexorable once started, is from an unimpeded flow, is a testimony to the folly unleashed by man...

The Kingdom of God (27.11.12)

on The Earth is beyond the jurisdiction of the segregators and of the class maintainers, of the separators and of the law enforcers, of the inhibitors and of the preventers, of the deprivers and of the rioters, of the...

The Aberrations of Man (18.9.13)

wield the sword of accountability over the heads of those whose silence confirms consent, whose silence denies dissent, whose silence is recorded in the present, are not glossed over as if they did not exist...

The Preternatural Infancy of Man (11.1.14)

has an expected destiny, has the stages of growth set for development, has the developing abilities set for achievement, has the origins of faith instilled for seeking a relationship with a god, has agency protected …

The Cup of The Fruit of The Vine (18.7.09)

has a special place in the life of each disciple, in the life of My church, in lives that hold a promise dear; was set apart for remembrance: at a supper, within an appointed time. is available through all seasons of the earth...

The Goliaths of Man (23.9.09)

stop man in his journey, for a second look, through malfeasance, through the lack of honour, through the fear of loss, constructed for man by the enemy of man, are encountered on a billboard, are encountered unexpec...

The Exorcizing of Demons (29.7.09)

is the exercise of power within bestowed authority, is of no great portent, is manifested in changed lives, can be seen and heard and felt, is a testimony of The Holy Spirit, quells the querulous, opens mouths, ...


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