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The Sanctity of Life (5.2.09)

“The sanctity of life carries a crown of preservation.

The sanctity of life is an edict from The Lord.

The sanctity of life has overtures of eternity.

The sanctity of life has the highest of priorities.

The sanctity of life speaks of a commitment of love,

                                               a commitment of unselfishness,

                                               a commitment of humility.

The sanctity of life requires a commitment of protection,

                                             a commitment of sharing,

                                             a commitment of enlightenment.

The sanctity of life calls for a soul filled with respect,

                               calls for a soul that wills no harm,

                               calls for a soul that abhors violence.

The sanctity of life forbids the withdrawal of the needs of life,

                               forbids the withdrawal of the seeds of life,

                               forbids the withdrawal of the embryos of life.

The sanctity of life is at the forefront of creation,

                               is at the forefront of humanity,

                               is at the forefront of the wonder of new birth.

The sanctity of life is built on generations counted,

                                           on generations surviving,

                                           on generations not breeding monsters of destruction.

      Monsters of destruction are not limited by gender.

      Monsters of destruction defile the integrity of the womb.

      Monsters of destruction breach the seal of protection,

                                             ignore the sovereignty of the crown,

                                             discount priorities as set,

                                             tear open the envelope that carries a letter to the world.

      Monsters of destruction burrow into the sacrosanct,

                                             burrow past the walls that testify,

                                             burrow round the screens of conscience.

      Monsters of destruction burrow where they should not,

                                             dismember tenants that they should not,

                                             care not when they should.

      Monsters of destruction care not for past oaths,

                                             care not for such sanctity,

                                             care only for the pay cheques that their bloodied hands have usurped from the living that are dead.

      Monsters of destruction –

                                    the coterie of vultures –

                                    all that hover round and wait to feed –

                                                                             have themselves,

                                                                                      their lives,

                                                                                               in danger of destruction.

      Monsters of destruction will soon stand before a robed bench where the edict of The Lord will be laid before their feet –

                                                                                                                    the edict of The Lord that they scuffed into the dust –

                                                                                                                    the edict of The Lord that they swore to uphold –

                                                                                                                    the edict of The Lord that will call them to account.”


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