Book 9 'GOD Speaks Now of
                    A Seal Revealed'
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Book 9 frontcover 112x173 200dpi

Book 9 'Seal Revealed'

                             Book 9
                                      GOD Speaks of A Seal Revealed

                                             On that which has been long designed to benefit man:

to extend The Call of God for the freBook 9 frontcover 112x173 200dpiewill of man;

to reach out into the loving heart of man,
to set in place lasting friendships:
for the immortality of man.
And so are the calls emphasized for man,
brought forthwith to his attention,
demanding nothing in return –
except that born of agapé:
  the lay-out on the cross.


  • 9th Book Review (1)              'GOD Speaks of A Seal Revealed'

    By Anthony A Eddy (Scribe)
    Published by The Adventist Charitable Trust, Hamilton, New Zealand February 2017
    Book 9 frontcover 112x173 200dpi     This book, the first dictated by God through the Scribe, Anthony A. Eddy, was hidden for 16 years. In 1990 after rejection by his church leadership, the manuscript was placed for safekeeping with a bank. When the family shifted towns it was retrieved and placed in a desk. In due course, when the desk was sold it was placed in a bookcase until rediscovery by Eddy in 2016! The first introductory Psalms received in 2017 and 2016 explain this ‘hiding’.

    My Little Book: It is My Alpha and Omega,
                                      My First and My Last,
                                      The Beginning and the End. (pVIII)
    About My Little Book : My little book has been waiting a long time in the calendar of man,
                                                                                                       has been ready for release in the calendar of God,
                                                                                                       has been awaiting the end-time networking of man.

         The psalms of Book 9 were originally written in story form with chapters differentiating the topics. The chapters are retained in publishing but the psalms were revised to a rhythmic presentation in keeping with the other eight books, reminding me of the sermons of the late Peter Marshall which were also published in this form to enable the reader to engage easily in the flow of the messages.
         Book 9 is full of instruction, explanations and truth statements intermixed with counselling.  I found Chapter 5 ‘Languages of Heaven and Hell’ particularly interesting. These psalms cover: The Languages of Heaven, the Fire of the Lord, the Tongues of The Spirit, The Tongues of Angels, The Tongues of Demons, The Tongue of Lucifer, The Functioning of Tongues, The Actions of The Spirit, The Tongue of Praise, The Tongue of Worship, The Tongue of Prayer and The Song of The​ Lord. This list may seem daunting but each psalm is eminently readable and thought provoking.
    The tongues of the spirit of man converse with the Spirit on high;
                                                            converse via the Spirit with man;
                                                            converse in the spirit with man;
                                                            converse in the Spirit with God.
    The use of the word ‘converse’, implies a free flowing dialogue with God, personal and intimate which I am sure is how it is meant to be. Then I ask myself how often I participate in the tongue of Lucifer. The tongue of Lucifer rejoices at the Lost;
                                                                                                                                                             rejoices at the lie believed;
                                                                                                                                                             rejoices at the deception planned;
                                                                                                                                                             rejoices at the lie confirmed;
                                                                                                                                                             rejoices at creating doubt;
                                                                                                                                                             rejoices at the destruction of the saints.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
          To conclude: I found this book to be less of an intellectual commitment than Book 8 while still being informative and thought provoking. One of my favourites is The Prayers of the Indwelt. I love the word and the concept of being ‘indwelt’.         
                                    The prayers of the indwelt reverberate in Heaven,
                                                                                  echo in the halls,
                                                                                  carry through the courts.

    Suzanne H
    April 2017

    * * * * * * *


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