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4. The Earth - Caring for our environment?

The Pathways of The Rain (5.12.08)

“The commencement of the rain marks a time of refreshing, a time of replenishment, a time of extended growth. The rain varies with the season, varies with the clouds, varies with locality, falls in differing forms...

The Vapours of The Earth (10.2.09)

are of concern to man, are of concern to God; form the breath of man, form the breath of animals, form the breath of all that have the gift of life, rest upon the Earth, are stable within bounds, do not vie to escape, to...

The Maturing of The Earth (28.4.10)

Great are the anchors of the Earth, are the bonds of the Earth, are the guide lines of the Earth, is the stability of the Earth, is the imprint of the Earth, is the Light of the Earth, are the heavens over the Earth, ...

The Earthquakes of Man (7.3.11)

… adjust his equilibrium, adjust his sense of security, adjust his need for help, signify a reconsideration, signify a recall of the past, signify a new revision, shake the environment of man, the land on which he lives…

A Walk into The Countryside (6.9.14)

provides music to the soul, provides time for the spirit’s song, shares the beauty of creation with the body soul and spirit, magnifies the joy within the heart, appreciates the surroundings built from life, sheds the...

A Walk Upon A Hill (7.9.14)

can unfold a time of happiness, a time of contentment, is never boring to the observant, is missed without experiencing by the non-participant, is appreciated and encouraged by those who’ve been before.

The Surges of The Sea (12.6.15)

bring the sea onto the land; defy the efforts of man to protect what is unholy, that which has never been consecrated, that which is on the land sustaining sin. For these are the times of man where man contaminat...

The Crying of The Whales (20.3.16)

is not heard proclaiming a loss within My garden; is heard within the seas of mortality, is heard within the oceans of the Earth, is heard within the submarines which burrow through the whales’ domain; is heard ...

The Variations in The Sea Level (9.3.16)

should be of concern to man, are of concern to God, are of concern to all who watch and wait; have gone beyond the control of man, are the result of man’s pumping of his dirt into the air which he must breathe,

The Temperature of The Day (1.4.16)

is destined for new highs and lows in the recorded experience of man; is a function of location on the Earth, of atmospheric movements on the surface of the Earth, of the energy within surrounding seas as the ...

The Tin-lizzies of The Skies (23.4.16)

are the primitive airborne ships of the seas; are the people movers of the Earth, are the work horses of the travellers, are the spreaders of pollution, are the mixers of the germs and bugs and the end-time viruses of...


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