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The Surges of The Sea (12.6.15)

“The surges of the sea bring the sea onto the land.

The surges of the sea defy the efforts of man to protect what is unholy,

                                                                                         that which has never been consecrated,

                                                                                         that which is on the land sustaining sin.

       For these are the times of man where man contaminates his land –

                                       with what he permits to be carried out on and off his land,

                                                                                                               as entrusted to his keeping:

                                                                                                where the drugs are prepared ready for consumption,

                                                                                                where the drugs are planted and nursed unto a crop,

                                                                                                where the addicts queue in readiness to consume their fate,

                                                                                                where the dead and dying have visited before.

       For these are the times approaching of the fullness of accountability,

                                                                 of the fullness of exculpation,

                                                                 of the fullness of the separation of the guilty from the innocent,

                                                                 of the fulness of the wrath of God.

       For these are the times where God lifts up His right hand with counselling for man:

                                                                                                       ‘To Stop’ what man is doing;

                                                                                                        to not seek profit at any cost;

                                                                                                        to not destroy man’s living space on earth;

                                                                                                        to not hazard man’s loved ones and communities –

                                                                                                                                    by being on the sin fields of the earth.

       For the sin fields of the earth are known for the sin of man,

                                                                              the lands without morality,

                                                                              the suburbs well-known within a city,

                                                                              the streets renown throughout the earth,

                                                                              the houses written in address books.

       For such as these are being targeted by God.

       For such as these are the corrupters of both the young in years and the old in maturity.

       For such as these know not of the repentant soul.

       For such as these have eyes which dwell inside a purse.

       For such as these are but the dregs of the societies in which they are raised –

                                                                                                               for they ignore the righteous deeds.

       For such as these are known to God with all the history of the application of freewill.

The surges of the sea have a warning spreading from the shaking of the earth,

                                   have a warning spreading from a spectacular storm of God,

                                   have a warning spreading for those prepared to flee.

The surges of the sea decontaminate by making obsolete,

                                   suffocate the prides of man,

                                   overwhelm the plans of man,

                                   surround and confiscate the items placed conspicuously for washing,

                                   delete and destroy the structures as built upon the sand,

                                   drown and submerge that which was considered a bastion to stand before My sea.

The surges of the sea leave a trail of desolation,

                                   leave little worth the salvaging,

                                   leave little still seen standing,

                                   leave little sign of life.

The surges of the sea often end in waves of might and majesty –

                                                                      which capture the eyes of man in immobility –

                                                                                                                so leaving the pathway of escape until it is too late.

The surges of the sea lie in wait and time along the shorelines of the earth.

The surges of the sea have reach,

                                             with the capability,

                                                                    to achieve the will of God.

The surges of the sea contribute to the end-time vanquishing of sin.

The surges of the sea do not violate the lives of the well prepared,

                                                                        of those prepared and cautious,

                                                                        of those prepared and relocated,

                                                                        of those prepared and readied to survive,

                                                                        of those prepared to weather the shortages arising from disaster.

The surges of the sea are controlled from within the armoury of God.

The surges of the sea carry lessons to the heart of man,

                                   carry counsel to the spirit of man,

                                   carry destruction to the livelihood of man.

The surges of the sea carry death within mortality to the intransigent and naïve –

                                                                                                               who would dismiss the capabilities of God.”


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