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Bk4. 'God Speaks to Man in The End-time' (73 Scrolls, 166 pages)

My End-time Calls for Man (31.5.12)

I, The Lord Jesus, am involved with man since his beginning – in his time frame of the being of his presence, in his shuttering against the storms and trials, in his inoculations for good health, in his preservation from dem...

The End-time Vision From God 7.7.12)

I, The Lord Jesus, speak to My servant Anthony this day with a vision for the earth, with a vision for My advent, with a vision all encompassing for the edifice of God; speak in affirmation, speak in testimony, speak ...

The End-time Surroundings of Man (23.3.12)

The vagaries of the weather speak of interference in the cycling of the earth, speak of variables beyond their controlling bounds, speak of infringing on the constants in equations of great complexity; sees acceleration...

The End-time Purity of My Bride (24.3.12)

The superintendency of My church on earth is under My Spirit, The Holy Spirit, The Comforter, The Counsellor of man; in this end-time of the age of My church requires active supervision, active testimonies ...

The End-time Lack of Faith (25.3.12)

The end-time storms are not pleasant to endure; are fraught with danger for man in denial of The God of created life; are in fulfilment of the word; are not in danger of repetition; are current within the age of grace;

The End-time of My People (27.3.12)

My people do not: seek access to My word, respond to what is laid before them, consider fully the effect upon their lives; are about to: be beset by the rampaging of the beast, encounter a fight for survival, suffer pillage ...

The End-time Survival of My People (29.3.12)

requires a pro-active stance: requires updating of positions of mobs upon the streets, of gangs intent to raid, of weapons to be encountered – both by day and by night, of proximity of threat, of where a sanctuary exist...

The End-time Wherewithal of Man (30.3.12)

to attend to his needs is soon to fracture under stress: to witness shortages in nations, to witness failure of the food chain, to witness scarcity abounding, to witness starvation on display – as the obesity of the day ...

The End-time of The Indwelling of My Spirit (2.4.12)

signals the end-time of grace, the end-time of the present age of perseverance, the end-time of the record keeping, the end-time of My Spirit’s counsel, the end-time of My Spirit’s gifts, the end-time of the preparatio...

The End-time Sanctification (2.4.12)

of My saints dawns upon My people. The end-time sanctifying of My bride approaches the ending of the age: as set for the preparation of My people while grace abounds. The end-time sanctifying of those still in need ...

The End-time Feeding of The Faithful (3.4.12)

is a task all in itself, is a task which needs addressing, is a task in need of a solution, is a task why church is there to fulfill; speaks of a surge in numbers, speaks of the shortening days, speaks of overcrowding which ...

The End-time Supplicant of God (4.4.12)

The end-time supplicant enlists the ear of God, knows God as a subscriber to his tongues, knows God within the realm of his understanding. The end-time for the supplicant is the season of tribulation, the season of ...


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