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The End-time Lack of Faith (25.3.12)

“The end-time storms within the tribulation of man should concern the heart of man –

                                                                                       for the safety of his body,

                                                                                       for the safety of his soul,

                                                                                       for the safety of his walk with God.

The end-time storms witness to the sin of man,

                                   witness to the evilness of Satan,

                                   witness to the authority of God.

The end-time storms witness to the presence of the end-time,

                                               to the season of tribulation,

                                                                       to what will surely follow.

The end-time storms are not pleasant to endure;

                                   are fraught with danger for man in denial of The God of created life;

                                   are in fulfilment of the word;

                                   are not in danger of repetition;

                                   are current within the age of grace;

                                   are the harbingers of the inheritance of death for the unrepentant faithless soul.

Beware the angel of death as he calls,

                                           as he cauterizes,

                                                                   to still satanic influence within the heart of man.

Beware the angel of death as he passes over the dwelling places of man.

Beware the angel of death as he hovers with an appointment over the death zones of the end-time tribulation.

Beware the angel of death as he calls unto an accounting for the sinful record of the freewill of man.

For as the sin impales the heart,

                                             so grace with faith becomes the sole means of release.

For as sin binds man to an imprisoned destiny,

                                             so repentance gives access to the key of grace.

For as sin embitters the soul of man,

                                             so his spirit becomes captive to the soul of man.

For as the sinful nature establishes in the character of man,

                                             so grace moves beyond the practicality of the reach of man.

For as sin is carried to the grave of man,

                                             so grace is inaccessible:

                              with the default confirmed as destiny for the iniquitous soul of man.”


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