Book 5 'GOD Speaks in Letters
                                     of Eternity'
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Book 5 'Letters of Eternity'

                             Book 5
                                      GOD Speaks in Letters of Eternity


  On that close to His heart for the attention span of man;

so man may fully understand the eternal message;
as spelt out for his attention within his day:
to accumulate the knowledge building –
into his preparation for his time:
with his loving living God.
These letters are compilations scribed in obedience to God;
testify of His great willingness to speak to man,
in this day, at the closure of an age;
with an invitation to inspect
   the table of His menu:
         as laid for man.

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'God Speaks in Letters of Eternity'
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Helix Themes – Story DNA from  Book 5


Line Comments

Life / Death / Spirituality / Fate
Gods & Goddesses / Mortals / Heroes
History / Academics / Culture
Military Campaign / Siege / Historic Combat
Parent Hood / Child Rearing
Science / Technology / Astronomy
Church Services / Religious Worship
Marriage / Weddings / Engagement
History / Academics / Culture
Study of Nature
Economics / Investment / Financial
Government / Social Discourse / Revolution
Catholic Institution / Religious Hierarchy
Romance / Caress / Passion
Strategic Planning / Conflict Management

Both consistently and amazingly high.
3rd highest in the series

Unique to this book and at quite a respectable level.

2nd highest in the series

Unique to this book


Helix Keywords
soul recourse man spirit reach clap eternity welcome sacrifice land scenery wonderment wise escape vagrancy earth camaraderie freewill god faith fore bound magnificence edifice wash seep intent servant presence perspicacity lack clavicle lump seek restlessness

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