Receiving His Scrolls

AAE2008Web100FinI again testify here, as in His 7 books, to one and all that these scrolls are not of my writing nor instigation. They use phrases and concepts which continue to amaze me and display conciseness and clarity in the text which is away above my capabilities.

Further, still to my great surprise, some of the later scrolls cross-reference with the earlier scrolls. These scrolls do not stand alone but smoothly build on the preceeding ones as if designed as an unfolding story with an established foundation. There also appear several ‘series’ of scrolls which closely relate to one another. I have named and numbered these accordingly for the reader’s ease of access.

On the original scroll documents the writer has begun each Divine text with the words: ‘And I hear the Lord saying, “… … ...” then, at the end, after Divine confirmation as to accuracy, each is timed and dated, together with the location and then stands ‘as is’. It does not appear necessary to have this phrase repetitively introducing each scroll, as well as each text within His book, on His website. Please take it, therefore, as a ’given’ as to the stated origin.

(This is a modified personal statement from that first appearing in His Book 'God Speaks of His Return - Introduces His Banner'.)

Within The Sky

A Testimony

 1.      I see the fleeting shadowers, marching as if to drums not heard while casting, with effect, their distant dappling wares, within the sky.

          I see the weary travellers, alighting from distances afar, following the mapped pathways only they perceive, in wisdom, within the sky.

          I see the design of man that transfers him at his will – to destinies of dreams – to far-off fantasies – on the roaring metal within the sky.

          I see the ignited light trailing to a fiery death, only of significance for an instant, as its life is curtailed within the sky.

          I see the distant visitor, that heralds a return along its compass points, and ponder on the tail that keeps it company within the sky.

          I see the speckling, at home, of darkness – yet still navigating man – revolving to prediction that defies both reach and time, within the sky.

          I see the particles of nature, gathered in accord, now fleeing in light to safety as a handclap of applause echoes within the sky.

 2.      I see the golden guest that visits then departs bringing variance in visibility along its path according to its season within the sky.

          I see the welcome site that lights with sheen, is clasped, bound to an extensive encircling in tribute on a journey within the sky.

          I see the mountain roar with violence that speaks of purpose – of new birth or of despair – as a plume that marks arises within the sky.

          I see the tumult and the chaos wrought in instants between a blink as the domiciles of man are carried and despatched within the sky.

          I see the rocks, the sands – the residue of time, arise and capture all before in gloom – surrendered to solitude and noise within the sky.

          I see the spheres that descend from height, prepared for their set task by size and intensity, still subject to the law within the sky.

          I see the promise, assembled as a sign of many hues across the heavens, of what will not again befall those to whom declared within the sky.

 3.      I see the breaths of the heavens in whispers, fluttering cloths on high, making known messages of eternity within the sky.

          I see the tablecloth of the heavens, as if of finest lace laid and wove from gossamer, falling in purity of covering from within the sky.

          I see the blueness of the heavens, that speaks of distant things, drawing voyages of discovery from those resolved to seek, within the sky.

          I see the pearls of the heavens fall, leaving their source of incubation for a greater mission – bringing growth and change from within the sky.

          I see the mists of the heavens on fire for but a moment – pink – orange – scarlet, as if the very heavens burn – a “Match that!” within the sky.

          I see the curtains of the heavens, glowing pastels, raised, lowered, timed to some unheard majestic anthem, existing and upheld, within the sky.

          I see the witnesses of creation, the handiwork of heaven, the mastery of God – there for all to marvel – the happenings within the sky.


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