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Updated Wednesday 19th October 2016

      There is now no need to download individual scrolls. The 8 PDF books, in which all the scrolls appear, are New Zealand wide only as FREE PDF Downloads from this Website. Electronic Book PDF Download Links will be included on Series 4 on the Home Page as they become available. NOTE: This  may change at any time without prior warning. Individual Scrolls can be searched for and read readily by clicking on a Scroll Title. All the Book 2 'God Speaks in His Scrolls - On The Website of The Lord' scroll items (165 scrolls in 11 categories) may be freely down loaded as the Book PDF file. This, The Lord's new Wineskin for His website, now moves His emphasis from His Scrolls to the Books in which they all appear. These 8 books are known collectively as The End-time Psalms of God wherein each book fulfills its God-given part.
These are the present 16 Scroll categories: (18.8.14) with order unimportant. These may vary as time progresses.

      Of present Interest - the electronic copies of the 4 books - Books 7, 6, 5 and 4 are the 4 books deemed to have 'elastic' covers which have now been considerably expanded and re-presented. These books, in the 2nd Edition reformatted presentations also have updated ISBN references also evident in reprinted 2nd Editions. Such scrolls will each appear in its book category plus automatically in the 'All Scrolls' category which follows under here.

      All U.S.A. published books have the same actual content and layout as the latest NZ 2nd Edition books.

      There are a number of Life based Questions and Scroll answers under the Top item on the Left Hand Index.

Other Particular Topic Groupings which may be of interest:

                                         01.  The Tongue of Fire of Heaven and of My Spirit - scribal selected relevancy to the Gift of Tongues
                                         02.  Return of The Lord
                                         03.  Preparation of man
                                         04.  Good News
                                         05.  Banner of The Lord
                                         06.  Carried by The Cross
                                         07.  Grace of The Lord
                                         08.  Love of The Lord
                                         09.  Website of The Lord

                                         10.  Divine Commentary Bk of Daniel - in His 2nd Book
                                         11.  Divine Commentary Bk of Ezekiel - My Servants - In His 3rd Book
                                         12.  Divine Commentary Bk of Rev. - in His 2nd Book

                       ⬇️  These are ALL the Scrolls, presently excluding Book 8   ⬇️

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The Journeying of Life (1.10.14)

gathers the necessities of life when nowhere to be seen, is attended by both need and function, gathers the wisdom for discernment; the wisdom to enable the avoiding of the swamps of entrapment

The Crown of Life (29.9.14)

is reserved to man as he comes to rule and reign, is the call to responsibility, the call to extending righteousness, the call to upholding truth, the call to share in that with which the Father does endow.

The Agency of Life (2.10.14)

reflects a learning curve building from the assessing of results, is tested by the level of satisfaction, is present in both the secular and the sacred, ...

The End-time Receptiveness of Man (23.10.13)

is a function of achievement, of the store of knowledge, of the daily needs, of the guarding of possessions, of the evaluation of a threat. is a measure of his needs not met, of the reason for his being in experiencing.…

I, The Lord, Speak, Hear, Warn, Call

I, the Lord, speak to all those who dwell upon the Earth, all those who feel secure and have no need of their God, all those who are comfortable within the lifestyle they have inherited from the labouring of man. ...

The Arms of Adoration (7.6.10)

The arms of adoration reach out and enfold: take a new child to the bosom, take a new child from the birth pangs, take a new child into a family, take a new child with a promise, take a new child of discovery, take a ...

The Plight of A Child (5.5.11)

Blessed are those who alleviate the plight of a child. Blessed are those who forestall the plight of a child. Blessed are those who address the plight ...

The Consecration of A Child (25.2.14)

The consecration of a child is close to The Father’s heart - together with the consecration of the spirit which waited in His presence: now before the face of man; now attesting to a future relationship with God; ...

The Crying of A Child (27.2.14)

signs of something trivial, signs of something dreadfully wrong; signs of fright, signs of fear, signs of pain endured, signs of discomfit, signs of som...

The Loving of A Child (4.3.14)

is a sacrifice of self, a sacrifice of time, a sacrifice of wealth, a sacrifice where emotions are at stake, has overtures of care, of teaching, of training, of correction, of nourishment, of shelter, of clothing, of growth...

The Healing of A Child (5.3.14)

banishes the stronghold from existence with the evaporation of the causes, is a joy to behold: removes the burdens, installs the blessings, carries the ...

The Teaching of A Child (9.3.14)

is not as simple as it sounds, is not as simple as it seems, is not as simple as imagined, is complex and enduring, is satisfying and rewarding, is emoti...


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