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Bk5. 'God Speaks in Letters of Eternity' (78 Scrolls, 202 pages)

The Welcome of The Centuries (28.7.12)

awaits man in faith upon the sounding of the trumpet; speaks of much preparation, speaks of every thing in place, speaks of sin relegated to the outfield far from any influence on the field of glory; sees the fruit of ...

A Love Note to My Children (11.8.12)

is as a song birthed and freed within the stars of God, is a song committed between hearts, is a song which only those with love can sing, is a song of goodness sent to smiling hearts in tune, is a song within a song...

The Template for The Future (29.3.13)

knows more than man thinks, is fully conversant with…, is satisfied of the sufficiency for the day, is primed to handle all which is encountered, is confident that justice will prevail, that replevins will be addressed, …

The Wonderment of Eternity (8.10.13)

is a joy unto itself, is a feast for the eyes, is a symphony for the ears, is a dwelling place fit for the stars of God, displays the works of God in their entirety: in their presentation of uniqueness, in their designs of ...

The Visiting of Megiddon (11.7.12)

is soon to receive its visitors of purpose, its visitors chasing vengeance, its visitors seeking conflict: its visitors without remorse, without mercy, without a worthwhile knowledge of The God of Israel; sits and waits, does ...

The Outreach of My People (13.7.12)

is uncertain and spasmodic, is indifferent and random, is indefinite and chaotic; should tap a vein of gold, should avoid a prayer of rhetoric, should let My Spirit bring repentance to a soul.; is to introduce, is to initiat..

The Decoration of The Heavens (14.7.12)

Behold! The stars are seated in the skies of The Son. Behold! The suns of God are placed in the heavens of the sun of man. Behold! The heavens of God are lit for display, are lit to aid discovery, are lit by way of proclama...

The Wastelands of God (14.7.12)

are the dead zones of creation, of where there is no life, of where existence is limited to God, of where the needs of life are yet to be accumulated, of where the location has the parameters for life still unset by God ...

The Inside of The Eyelids (16.7.12)

of man are the screens of scenes, are the screens fitted for reception of projection, are the screens fitted for communication, are the screens fitted for sighted telepathy with God; are sensitive and definitive, are secu...

The Veins and Arteries of God (17.7.12)

The veins of My church have been in use for the centuries of man, have sometimes shrunk and shrivelled, have sometimes burst forth into blossom with the promise of the harvest, have oft-times fed and watered ...

The Waterways of God (17.7.12)

flow outward in one direction, flow according to the spirit, flow according to the soul of domination, seek the shortest course, can get hung up in a pond while waiting for the overflow, can mark the sources, can mark ...

The Vagrancy of The Youth (19.7.12)

speaks of a further generation becoming lost to God, becoming lost to their parents’ order, becoming lost to all authority – both guiding and directing; of lack of drive, of motivation, of a standard in their lives, has toes ...


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