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The Vagrancy of The Youth (19.7.12)

“The vagrancy of the youth speaks of a further generation becoming lost to God,

                                                                                              becoming lost to their parents’ order,

                                                                                              becoming lost to all authority –

                                                                                                                                     both guiding and directing.

The vagrancy of the youth speaks of lack of drive,

                                                                   of motivation,

                                                                   of a standard in their lives.

The vagrancy of the youth has toes that kick the dust,

                                           has the daring of their peers,

                                           has little self-control when gathered in a group,

                                           has no respect for others with all which that implies.

The vagrancy of the youth knows the effects of alcohol guzzled in excess,

                                           knows the beat of rhythms where the words reflect their lives,

                                                                                      where the risk of abandonment rises with the time,

                                                                                      where the speech does not enhance a standing before the God who hears.

The vagrancy of the youth is shallow in responsibility,

                                           is the products of their parents,

                                           is accustomed to curse and swear,

                                           is loose in their behaviour,

                                           is not encouraged in the home,

                                           is half-hearted in the effort to fend off the distasteful and the wayward.

The vagrancy of the youth builds to the iniquity of man;

   the discord of the youth leads to the homeless and the careless;

   the slyness of the youth brings disparagement –

                                                            with despoilment to the fore.

The vagrancy of the youth brings machinations before the courts,

                                           speaks of stupidity in action,

                                           brings curfews down on heads,

                                           starts the cars without the keys,

                                           lives the chase without concern,

                                           brings disasters on the heels of rebels without a cause.

The vagrancy of the youth can shatter and destroy the hopes of generations,

                                           can violate a promise as easily as the breaking of a bottle,

                                           can resort to violence in the taking of possession,

                                           can dictate with a swagger and a leer upon a face,

                                           can rush to hide in an instant at the turning of the tables,

                                           can resort to bringing harm when freedom is impaired.

The vagrancy of the youth circulates in a culture without caring;

                                           ripens for entrance to a gang,

                                           practises in their youth for adeptness in maturity.

The vagrancy of the youth trains ability to take,

                                           does not teach of giving,

                                           restricts the attitude of sharing.

The vagrancy of the youth is a pipeline to the extremes of selfishness,

                                           expounds on ‘I see I want I take’,

                                           may be a passing phase when rescue is attempted,

                                           may be the precursor to a life filled with correction.

Beware the vain and the proud:

                                                 for theirs is a lonely walk.

Beware those still uneducated for mixing in society:

                                                 for theirs meets frustration head on with a lack of words,

                                                                                                          with a lack of understanding,

                                                                                                          with a lack of writing and of skills.

Beware the poor in spirit where most is out of reach.

Beware the soul despairing which manifests in anger.

Beware the storms which gather with the recruits prepared.

Beware the vagrant youth of man where respect is un-instilled,

                                                      where the night is as a playground for the soul,

                                                      where freewill is built on the mischief of success.

The vagrancy of the youth meets with a turning point in life on encountering The God of love.”


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