Book 2 'GOD Speaks to Man
                     on the Internet'
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Book 2 frontcover 112c173 200dpi

Book 2 'Man on The Internet'

                             Book 2
                                      GOD Speaks to Man on The Internet

Book 2 frontcover 112c173 200dpi                                     of that which He holds close to His heart for the benefit of Man,                                     

of the impact of freewill upon each person on The Earth,
of His counselling of man in this age of grace,
of His disciples’ encouraged preparation;

for here lies the fare of destiny laid before the face of man
with the presentation of His scrolls here for perusal,
so Man may not be ignorant, may be enabled,
to become all God planned for him to be.


Book 2 frontcover 112c173 200dpi'GOD Speaks to Man On The Internet'

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Helix Themes – Story DNA from  Book 2


Line Comments

Life / Death / Spirituality / Fate
Gods & Goddesses / Mortals / Heroes
History / Academics / Culture
Military Campaign / Siege / Historic Combat
Parent Hood / Child Rearing
Science / Technology / Astronomy
Church Services / Religious Worship
Marriage / Weddings / Engagement
History / Academics / Culture
Study of Nature
Economics / Investment / Financial
Government / Social Discourse / Revolution
Catholic Institution / Religious Hierarchy
Romance / Caress / Passion
Strategic Planning / Conflict Management

Both consistently and amazingly high.
High level likely because of Divine commentary on Bks of Daniel & Revelation
Series 'High'

Lowest in the series.

Lowest equal in the series with the 1st book.


Helix Keywords
unison, fare, exaltation, come, fore, intent, presence, woe, throne, lamb, vagary, wrath, foe, semblance, justness, god, kingdom, lord, spirit, beast, barbarity, vision, fodder, soul, midst, squander, cross, morsel, plight, earth, freewill, man, call, king, heaven, multitude, wisdom

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