Book Reviews

My Books Laid Before The Eyes of Man


Announcing the Presentation of The End-time Psalms of GOD.

The Nine Books via The Holy Spirit for The End-time of My Church's Age of Grace.

Genre: Christian End-time Grace with Freewill, The Wrath of God and The Second Coming of The Lord.

The covers of the last four books were, for a time, to be regarded as elastic - capable of and intended to expand -
for further Calls, Letters, Missives and Edicts to later be received.
Books 4 - 7 have now attained their own completions and have been joined by an 8th and a 9th.

So for such do the eReaders now come into existence,
never before seen before the eyes of man,
for this, their time of service
to the multitudes.

His 9 book covers individually speak of:

1. His Love for Man
2. His Network to Man
3. His Tribulation before Man
4. His Location of Man
5. His Eternity with Man
6. His Promise unto Man
7. His Reigning as GOD
8. His Adoption of His Bride
9. His 'My Little Book' (Refer Bk2 Rev 10:1-11)




None of these reviewers are known either to the scribe or to members of his family.


Concerning These Books from GOD
‘My’ and ‘I’ are the personal pronouns used by GOD in dictation.

The purpose of these books is not to entertain per se, but rather to impart wisdom.
There are no opinions, except the counselling of GOD, in their pages and a very great many truth statements which will disappoint if the objective is to speed read but will greatly reward when seriously considered for the truth therein.


“He that reads and grows no wiser seldom suspects his own deficiency, but complains of hard words and obscure sentences, and asks why books are written which cannot be understood.”

Samuel Johnson, The Idler


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