The Website of The Lord has been designed and developed with the sole mission to spread the messages of The Lord to the people in general and thus inspire them to lead an honest and truthful life true to The Lord’s dictates. Human life is full of endless possibilities. This life has been gifted to us by God for us to make it truly meaningful and glorious such that we attain our salvation in our mortality: completing our preparation as we traverse life's rites of passage through birth, death and rebirth back into the very presence of our God. The site is a unique site and naturally drawing attention because of its unusual text formatting and the quality of its varied content which comprises thousands of truth statements.

     This interesting site took seven months of focussed efforts to be built and became operational in November 2010 and with a new wineskin for the new wine on Tuesday 5th August 2014. The Site, having a wealth of knowledge and information about The Lord’s messages, consist of divine commentaries from three books - The Book of Daniel, The Book of Revelation and The Book of Ezekiel. The divine commentaries, as attached to various verses, have been properly categorized for easy reading. Thus the site makes it easy for people to understand the holy scriptures of the Bible or preview all the contents of the book 'God Speaks of His Return’ or as the individual messages of God for these end-times which are contained in 176 morsels in 7 categories. Likewise this site also contains all the content from ‘God Speaks in His Scrolls’ which lists in 165 scrolls in 11 categories.

     The NZ online visitors to this site need not purchase the books as they can freely preview and download all the Divine items in form of HIRes pdf’s. People can also individually comment on ones of particular interest within the scroll categories on the site's interactive forum facilities (The forum is presently inactive because of the time required to be spent in order to mediate and to remove many shameful daily postings). On this site one may easily understand the messages of The Lord which have been beautifully recorded in layman’s language.

     Thus the site can illuminate your way of life with its precious gems of knowledge and inspiring messages which have been directly dictated by The Lord as adjuncts to His word within The Bible. The Website of The Lord has emerged as a reservoir of knowledge and information about biblical end times prophecy and can inspire one to lead an honest, truthful and virtuous life which is full of love, joy and pleasure.

     In fact human values such as these are the wonderful ingredients of life which truly make one's life meaningful and blessed. When one realizes that one’s eventual destiny lies in one’s own hands for selection in mortality and yet with a suitable application of freewill determination and self-awareness one can mould one’s future in line with the heart's desire. So this knowledge, with its goal set for achievement, can make one fearless and immune to all attacks from the enemy of man. When one wants to activate one’s ticket to Heaven and to thereby prepare for a life within salvation, one can get the correct inputs from this site which enables one to realize the importance of one’s own Freewill with its record being generated and eventually becoming due for either honouring or respecting – with the appropriate destiny attached.

     The site is supported by The Advent Charitable Trust which is a non-profit organization based in Hamilton, New Zealand. This trust promotes and enhances an understanding of what it means to be a follower of Jesus, a disciple of The Lord, and meets the spiritual needs of those who seek religious enlightenment, particularly through Pentecostal teachings. You can join the community of people who unite under The Kingdom Flag of God and prepare for the second coming of the Almighty. The advantage is better preparation of persons in readying them for the Return of God through encouraging them to unite under The Kingdom Flag (Emblem) of God and thereby to prepare for the Second Coming. If one desires to receive the gifts or simply wants to offer one’s financial contribution to the charitable trust in order to further the works of God then this site can be very useful. All small or large offerings in the name of the charitable trust will be highly appreciated and will be utilized or applied under the guidance and oversight of The Lord. The Website of The Lord design; together with all Flag, Banner, Standard, Sign, Decal, Badge, Label and Emblem designs; and with all Books and their dictated content; remain the sole property of God and is held in trust, being inclusive of trademarks, logos, and copyright, by The Advent Charitable Trust. This is not in any way to prevent their use nor to limit their application but rather to ensure the standard of excellence implicit in the fear (reverence) of God is not inadvertently demoted to the common.

     The capital and income of the trust is used for furthering the cause of God such as construction of potable water wells and Church Buildings or purchasing of the land for the same, building proper orphanages, providing proper care, education, clothing and health support to orphans and widows, purchasing motorbikes for pastors to enhance their mobility and in other such charitable causes.  For all such charitable offerings by people receipts are available from The Advent Charitable Trust in April each year in confirmation of New Zealand Taxation deductibility up to the limit of the Endower's New Zealand assessable income.

     So if we want to show our loyalty and allegiance to The Lord Jesus who sacrificed His all for the sake of the redemption of humanity, then we should pledge to follow the preaching and sermons of The Lord under the guidance and the counselling of The Holy Spirit and endeavour to lead an honest, truthful and righteous life with both grace and love for our fellowmen. We should always be prepared to serve our friends when in need and those people belonging to deprived sections within our cultures - as the true worship of The Lord will be to serve our fellowman irrespective of the cast, creed, sex, age, religion or an individual's past. The Website of The Lord can help us in our spiritual growth: both in encouraging and guiding us to live enriching and fulfilling lives in the full knowledge of The God of Love.

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