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If your life was perfect 300
"I, The Lord, declare in detail the aspects of My website containing the scrolls of 'The Website of The Lord'.

All the scrolls, from My website, are included in My 7 Books as PDF eBooks, and are able to be downloaded free of charge hereof in their completeness and without any further obligation on the part of guests and visitors.

They are commended to each who reads for a comprehensive understanding of the importance of this offered new beginning - of the importance of each one's freewill - of the need for wisdom in the application of that freewill to the life choices each encounters."

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If you dwell within New Zealand may we commend to you
The Empowering Vision for New Zealand
in The Left Hand Index

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The Website of The Lord was seven continuous months in construction including site build, content reception, document delivery and screen display together with all regulatory, statutory, and administrative requirements, approvals and registrations. (mid-April to mid-November 2010) and now on Tuesday 5th August 2014 has received a new wineskin after several months of stitching.

The Website of The Lord commenced reaching out over all the earth at
12 noon on Thursday, 11th November 2010
(New Zealand Summertime)

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Explore at your leisure - please also Let a friend know.

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