3a Holding Hands (Praise)

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1. Holding hands with Abba Father,
    Holding hands as we would rather;
    Holding hands with the Hosts of Heaven,
    Holding hands, we’re forever risen.
    Holding hands with all sincerity,
    Holding hands for God’s eternity!

2. Walking with our Lord and Saviour,
    Walking with our Holy Father,
    Walking with our Unified Spirit.
    Walking with those who do inherit,
    Walking with the Garland from The Race,
    Walking with the fullness of His grace!

3. Hugging now, we fan Love’s embers;
    Hugging now God’s Household members,
    Hugging now, fam’ly victorious!
    Hugging now those about to greet us,
    Hugging now our sisters and brothers,
    Hugging now all the many others!

4. Sitting down with much rejoicing,
    Sitting down with hearts o’erflowing.
    Sitting down with our banquet waiting,
    Sitting down with the Spirit’s blessing.
    Sitting down with both friend and neighbour,
    Sitting down with our Risen Saviour!

5. Sharing thoughts that are now all new,
    Sharing questions and answers too.
    Sharing heart-felt dreams from long ago,
    Sharing all memories still aglow.
    Sharing gratitude at our release,
    Sharing His presence: the Prince of Peace!


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