Book 6 'GOD Speaks to His
                     Bridal Presence'

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Bk 6frontcover 112x173 260dpi

Book 6 'Bridal Presence'

                      Book 6
                            GOD Speaks to His Bridal Presence


Bk 6frontcover 112x173 260dpiThe alerting of His bride-in-waiting to Her coming time,
so all occurs with purity for each within freewill;

as expected: the groom bedecked in finery,
in the presence of receiving angels,
as The Hosts ready to attend
the bride at the altar.
These missives disclose the ways of God in relationship to His bride;
verify His intent in closing the wait of millennia by His bride.
Here in the end-time long foretold is God speaking:
concerned with the finality of preparation
                                  for the homecoming of His bride
                                     as the clouds appear.

'God Bk 6frontcover 112x173 260dpiSpeaks to His Bridal Presence'
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Helix Themes – Story DNA from  Book 6


Line Comments

Life / Death / Spirituality / Fate
Gods & Goddesses / Mortals / Heroes
History / Academics / Culture
Military Campaign / Siege / Historic Combat
Parent Hood / Child Rearing
Science / Technology / Astronomy
Church Services / Religious Worship
Marriage / Weddings / Engagement
History / Academics / Culture
Study of Nature
Economics / Investment / Financial
Government / Social Discourse / Revolution
Catholic Institution / Religious Hierarchy
Romance / Caress / Passion
Strategic Planning / Conflict Management


Both consistently and amazingly high.

Series 'High'. Not Surprising.
To be expected. It's about the preparation of His Bride-in-waiting. Also Bk 7.

Highest of three books

Unique to this book

Helix Keywords
soul existence unison vestibule forbearance worthiness fore fire forefront entreaty edifice missive man fall bride bless hesitancy presence earth seek greet wonder eternity freewill absence flock teapot imminence spirit will saint arcaneness intent ready wisdom ultimatums

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