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All items on The Website of The Lord are offered under grace within New Zealand -
for as they have been freely received
So they are freely offered.

May Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus The Christ, truly bless your being here this day.

PLEASE NOTE: (as at 15th October 2016)

All matters which follow are subject to the oversight of The Lord and to the intent of the above over-riding statements.

Thank you for choosing items from The Website of The Lord which is managed on a daily basis by The Advent Charitable Trust.

We expect you to be pleased with your item, whether purchased from the U.S.A. or as a free download within NZ.

We endeavour to ensure your selected physical items reach you in excellent condition and in a timely manner, however please read the following terms and conditions so your expectations may be completely satisfied.

This is The Law for all those who desire to be under it on this, The Website of The Lord

1. Acceptance

Your use of this website indicates your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Statement.


2. About this website

The text content, excepting that which is in italics, of this website, www.thewebsiteofthelord.org.nz, is provided by The Lord Jesus, The Christ. The site was physically constructed under the direction of The Advent Charitable Trust as it followed the guidance of The Lord through The Holy Spirit. Most, if not all design elements, of this site are at the specific encouragement of The Lord as He makes known His will. The Advent Charitable Trust, together with its officers and trustees, accept the Nicene Creed (381 A.D.) as the statement of Christian belief.

These Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Statement govern the use of the material on this website.


3. Payments (If any)

All items on The Website of The Lord are in New Zealand currency (NZ$) which, in all listed prices thereon, excludes NZ based GST at 15%.

This NZ GST tax will neither be added to export orders nor to the freight component on articles and/or downloads destined for beyond the shores of New Zealand and its island territories.

GST will be added to all orders with a New Zealand delivery address.
All transactions will be processed in New Zealand dollars using the standard bank exchange rate on the day your credit card is charged.


4. Delivery (If Any)

If you have not received your order within 30 days of date or order, please contact us so we can check the delivery status. Refer also to: 5. Shipping & Air Freight


5. Shipping & Air Freight (If Any)

The Website of The Lord will ship world-wide and will endeavour to have your package to you as soon as practicable. This is usually within 2-3 days in New Zealand, but will take longer for overseas orders. Please contact The Website of The Lord if you have any questions.

Split deliveries (i.e. one order, but two different postal addresses) cannot be accepted.
The shipping cost for any orders is dependent on where you live in the world, and are as follows:

Within New Zealand: per 1.5kg courier bag, GST excl.: NZ$6.52, GST incl.: NZ$7.50
Delivery time: 3 days

Outside New Zealand: per auto-costed 250gm weight increments up to 2kgs; then jumps either to 5kgs, 10kgs, or 15kgs. GST exempt. All physical items leave NZ by air.
Delivery time via International Economy Air: 11 - 20 days, but usually faster

International Zones:
Australia: by International Economy Air: Initial 250gms NZ$5.95

South Pacific: by International Economy Air: Initial 250gms NZ$8.19

East Asia & Nth America: by International Economy Air: Initial 250gms NZ$9.54

U.K. & Europe: by International Economy Air: Initial 250gms NZ$10.18

Rest of The World: by International Economy Air: Initial 250gms NZ$12.19


6. Returns & Refunds Policy (If Any)

We are not obliged to accept returns except where the basis of the New Zealand based return is covered by the Consumers Guarantees Act or Fair Trading Act in New Zealand. So please carefully check your order at the checkout page before submitting as we will not accept returns due to an ordering error, or if you have simply changed your mind.

If you believe you have a case for a genuine exchange or refund request then please contact us first before sending your order back to us as it may get declined and returned to you. In all cases proof of purchase is required in order to get an exchange or refund. Please note items returned to us for an exchange or refund must be in a resalable condition with any internal packaging intact and the content neither used nor worn.

Claims for a refund or exchange as a result of packing errors from The Advent Charitable Trust, shortages or damages must be made within 7 days of receipt of goods. The Website of The Lord does not give refunds on any products bought on-line. However if you are not satisfied with any product you have purchased from The Website of The Lord please make contact with your concerns.

Postal charges will not be refunded.

Consumer Guarantees Act 1993
The Consumer Guarantee Act sets out minimum standards for goods sold by The Advent Charitable Trust as the supplier of the items on this website. In the event that items sold are not of an acceptable quality or are faulty, we have the right to repair, replace or a refund you for the item.

Fair Trading Act 1986
The Fair Trading Act is designed to protect the customer from being misled, either intentionally or unintentionally. This applies to all aspects of the promotion and sale of goods and services including: pricing; where the product was made; where the product is from; the meeting of New Zealand safety standards; availability of products in stock and the sales techniques used. The Commerce Commission enforces the Fair Trading Act.


7. Changes to orders (If Any)

As we process your order on the next working day, we regrettably cannot accommodate changes made to your order including product, quantity, shipping details etc.

Please ensure you check your order carefully before submitting.


8. Out of Stock & Back Orders (If Any)

Occasionally we may be unable to fulfil your entire order due to being out of stock of a certain item.

When this is the case, and we are expecting delivery within 3 weeks of your order, we will not dispatch any of your order until we have received the out of stock item.

If it is going to be longer than this, we will send the remainder of your order, and credit you with the cost of the out of stock item.

We unfortunately cannot offer rain checks or back orders.


9. Jurisdiction

This website and the material and products described in this website are: available for national and international acquisition and use. This website and all contracts entered into through this website are governed by, and are to be interpreted in accordance with, New Zealand law.


10. No warranties

While The Advent Charitable Trust has endeavoured to ensure that the material on this website is free from error, it does not warrant its accuracy, adequacy or completeness or that it is suitable for your intended use. This website may not be continuously available. Before acting on the material on this website, you should either seek independent advice or rely on your own judgement.


11. Links to other websites

This website may contain links to other websites which are not operated by The Advent Charitable Trust. The Advent Charitable Trust does not sponsor or endorse the operators of, or the material on, those other websites. To the fullest extent allowed by applicable laws, The Advent Charitable Trust is not responsible for any material on those other websites.


12. Hypertext Linking

If you would like to create a link to this website, please let The Advent Charitable Trust know. In any event, if you do create a link to any page of this website, you acknowledge that you are responsible for all direct or indirect consequences of that link, and you will indemnify us for the amount of all claims arising from, or in connection with, that link.


13. Intellectual Property

The Advent Charitable Trust owns all copyright and other intellectual property rights in this website and reserves all its rights. The Advent Charitable Trust allows you to use this website for your non-commercial use only provided that The Advent Charitable Trust retains all copyright, trademark and other proprietary notices contained in the content.

You may copy, or display, for redistribution to third parties, except when for commercial purposes, any portion of this website without The Advent Charitable Trust's prior written consent when such portion is being used for edification, instruction, study or the subject matter is being quoted for purpose of review.

Such copying, displaying or redistribution is to continue to retain, and to exhibit all copyright, trademark and other proprietary notices contained in the content. This clause of the Terms and Conditions is acknowledged as accepted by any third party involved, and as part of that approval for copying, displaying or redistribution such third party agrees to disclose and impose this clause as continuing in effect on all subsequent parties who have sought, received, or been given possession of items originating from this website. This clause is implicitly accepted by all parties receiving this website’s content wherever, whenever or however obtained.


14. Exclusion of Liability

Subject to any responsibilities:

(i) implied by law on The Advent Charitable Trust and which are not, or cannot be, excluded; or

(ii) that The Advent Charitable Trust expressly assumes in this website,

The Advent Charitable Trust is not liable for any claim arising out of, or relating to, this website, regardless of how the claim arises or is made.


15. Changes

All italicised information contained on this website (including the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Statement) is subject to change and will replace the italicised information previously published on this website. The Advent Charitable Trust will endeavour to keep this website up to date.



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