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2. How Do We Safeguard our Finances?

The Wealth of Man (16.6.09)

The wealth of man is easily measured by man. The wealth of man is easily measured by God. The disparity in the wealth of man is seated in the values of assessment— the basis of assessment— the core of the …

The Love of Money (11.2.11)

Money is the creation of man, is his token of exchange, is his deeming of set values, is of worth only while trust is unimpeded, is for the holding only when trust is likely to continue, Money has a value when with ...

The End-time Excessive Wealth of Man (13.4.12)

“The end-time of the success of man in compiling wealth beyond his needs is of witness in itself – as fortunes vaporize as if held within a fog bank in the dawn, are lost upon the sun rise of the fraud, are not ...

The Seeding of Wealth (26.2.14)

“The seeding of wealth by planting seeds which are unrelated, of different kinds, of different fruit, will not return that which is expected to a heart of double-mindedness, to a heart of uncertainty, to a heart of trial

The Fall of a House of Hell (14.12.08)

The fellowship of Hell turns man on his head, is the fellowships of the iniquities of man, the fellowships of the foe, the fellowships of the cartels of man, the fellowships of business cronies, the fellowships of defensive ...

The Shortfall of Man (5.3.11)

is a recipe for disaster in the later life of man, is not designated by God, is not invited by God, is not a defect in man’s being; occurs from the extravagancy of man, from the platter filled specifically for the feasting of his ...

The Fall of Empires (4.9.11)

is rarely the work of God, is rarely the will of God, is rarely at the behest of God; often lies within the machinations of man, of all which has gone before, of wayward behaviour typed as normal, of dealings in ...

The Fall of Authority (27.11.14)

frees the rampage of the soul. The fall of authority signals freedom to take possession, freedom to acquire without a title, freedom to partake in carnage without remorse, sees a scramble to take while all remains av...

The Trinkets of The Heart (10.7.09)

are gathered one by one, are not gender sensitive, testify of the gods of each heart, are obtained without approval, have not had a blessing sought, will not bestow good health upon a body, use vanity to clothe …

The Storm of the Wealth of Man (5.8.12)

Behold, the storm of the wealth of man gathers as the dust clouds in the desert, gathers the pressure cells in combination, gathers the despair of man for circulation on the earth, awaits the pressure buildup …

The Holding of My Gold (2.3.14)

is a sacred charter of preservation, is valid when the heart is cleansed, is valid when greed is widely present and deceit is perceived to rule in places built on trust, is valid when the promise on the paper is no longer …


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