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The Holding of My Gold (2.3.14)

“The holding of My gold is a sacred charter of preservation,

                              is valid when the heart is cleansed,

                              is valid when greed is widely present and deceit is perceived to rule in places built on trust,

                              is valid when the promise on the paper is no longer held in faith,

                              is valid when the promise is turned into a humming lie –

                                                     from keeping the presses running hot until all the paper is used up,

                              is valid when the banks of man prepare to activate the process of foreclosure,

                                                                                                           the sharing of the projected shortfalls,

                                                                                                       the seeking of relief from the last resort,

                                                                                                   the close examining of contracts where the type is at its smallest.

The holding of My gold is a safe harbour while the storms play out,

                                                                   while the deceitful are still trying to deceive,

                                           while the innocent are being set up to be fleeced on the grandest of grand scales,

                                                                   while values once considered safe are mined for all which can be squeezed,

                                                                   while paper is still tendered for acceptance in the pretence of having value.

The holding of My gold should be based upon perception:

                                       should be based upon opinion considered independent;

                                                                                        considered reliable;

                                                                                        considered truthful in all aspects of a given situation –

                                                                                                  where papered value is being questioned in advance.

The holding of My gold is for when the bulwarks of value are most likely to come crashing down:

                                                               are not likely to be able to withstand the collective refusals of the proffered paper;

                                                                                                                                                              of the coinage;

                                                                                                                                                              of the shocks and scares;

                                                               are not likely to survive the pressure of collective selling;

                                                            are not likely to be able to continue purchasing when inflation spirals skywards by the day;

                                                        are not likely to meet the needs of life as supplies are detained through resources growing scarce.

The holding of My gold should be placed well out of reach of those without entitlement.

The holding of My gold should be preserved for when it is able to compensate for that which has been lost,

                                                                                                                                              has been taken,

                                                                                                                                              has been misplaced –

                                                                                                                        by those who no longer qualify as the repositories of trust.

The holding of My gold is the last bastion of value on the earth,

                                           the last bastion accepted by the people,

                                           the last bastion which has stood the test of time,

                                           the last bastion of trading which will not be seen to fail,

                                           the last bastion which will not be questioned,

                                           the last bastion which will be readily accepted as a modicum of exchange.

The holding of My gold is simple and succinct,

                                       cannot be destroyed,

                                       needs no polishing to shine,

                                       is not difficult to count,

                                       holds value as determined by limited supply and acceptable demand.

The holding of My gold is taken from My storehouse of the earth,

                                       is lent until return,

                                       is claimed by man when understanding does not dawn,

                                       can be passed from hand to hand via short term possession with ownership not established,

                                       can be passed in as scrap ready for the refiner’s fire –

                                                                                 for such is the peculiarity of the gold of God.

The holding of My gold is often regarded as treasure,

                                       is often used to decorate,

                                       is often used to reward the senses,

                                       is often the cause of admiration in displaying the skill of the goldsmith –

                                                                                                          as he works to make the emblems of success.

The holding of My gold at length does not arise through envy,

                                                      does not arise in pride,

                                                      does not arise through selfishness,

                                                      does not arise in greed.

The holding of My gold arises in being held in trust by man;

                                                 of willingness to relinquish within the will of God;

                                                 of willingness to subordinate the gold entrusted to being made available under divine decree;

                                                 of willingness to seek the seconding of the will of God –

                                                                                      prior to allocation to a cause,

                                                                                                                        a need,

                                                                                                               the servicing of tasking from The Lord.

The holding of My gold should be a more common occurrence in the lives of My people,

                                       should be seen as a necessity in these end times,

                                       should be seen as a means of bartering at the forefront of a queue,

                                       should be a safeguard for My people when threatened by the coming knaves,

                                       should be seen as a personal storehouse of much value when surrounded by the dross.

The holding of My gold,

                 My eternal gold,

                          sees man with a hand upon eternity,

                                                 a hand upon the gold of God,

                                                 a hand with the knowledge to know the source of wisdom,

                                                                                         to know the power of the spoken word,

                                                                                 to accept and dwell within the fear and sanctity of a relationship with God.”


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