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When Can We Schedule Time for Insights into the Morality of God?

The Fertility of Man (3.6.15)

has two heads upon a pillow, has plans laid out for a future, has the sweet scent of agreement; speaks to the future both from the present and the past; dissipates with age, succumbs to the totalling of the years,...

The Marriage of Two People (29.6.15)

is blessed by God as the starting point of families; cannot be sanctified when the rules of union are ignored; raises questions of common sense – when the prospect of a family in the blood lines of the parents is im...

A Man of Righteousness (6.5.10)

sidesteps the lure of lust, sidesteps the emblems of envy, sidesteps the march of mountains, sidesteps the income of iniquity, sidesteps the catching of calumny, sidesteps the peril of the promise, a visit of vacuity...

Righteousness (28.12.11)

is a prerequisite for entry into the presence of God, enables trust within the truth, prevails against the intent of evil, is the source of a relationship with God, surmounts the temptations of depravity, of iniquity, of de...

The Barn of Righteousness (22.9.12)

should be full and growing in the presence of My saints, is built for expansion, to be expanded, has no limits as to height, to width, to length, is limited by time, has neither doors nor windows for peeping in and out, ...

The Righteous in Preparation (2.9.09)

The way of the righteous is a race of perseverance. The sight of the righteous is focussed by The Spirit. The voice of the righteous thunders in the silence, announces a coming storm, speaks of the downpour on the ...

The Race of The Righteous (28.1.09)

The walk of the righteous is inspected by God, reflects a walk of faith, is determined by the level of faith, is often not a walk, can become the running of the righteous, can become the race of the righteous. The race...


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