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How Do We Get Rid of Bad Habits & Addictions?

The Cup of The Fruit of The Vine (18.7.09)

has a special place in the life of each disciple, in the life of My church, in lives that hold a promise dear; was set apart for remembrance: at a supper, within an appointed time. is available through all seasons of the earth...

The Goliaths of Man (23.9.09)

stop man in his journey, for a second look, through malfeasance, through the lack of honour, through the fear of loss, constructed for man by the enemy of man, are encountered on a billboard, are encountered unexpec...

The Exorcizing of Demons (29.7.09)

is the exercise of power within bestowed authority, is of no great portent, is manifested in changed lives, can be seen and heard and felt, is a testimony of The Holy Spirit, quells the querulous, opens mouths, ...

My Relationship With Man (4.9.12)

I, The Lord Jesus, of the heavens and of the earth, say to man this day within reach of this, My word, ‘Vacate and change your ways less you are smitten by My wrath. Vacate and dismiss your habits of a lifetime...

The Soul of Man (2) (24.9.12)

is nervous in unfamiliar situations, is prone to brashness in self-promotion, is inclined to bravado in assuming a front for presentation, does not like to be examined, does not like to share a history of specifics, does not...

The Willingness of God (15.10.12)

God is willing to lend a helping hand, to lend a listening ear, to speak the words of counsel, to break the habits of a lifetime, to venture into an initial relationship, to provide the speech for My Spirit’s preaching in the voi...

The Boundlessness of Sin (6.12.12)

The consequences of sin unresolved within the life of man are marked; bringing down upon the head of man penalties which are the severest of the severe. There is no grading of sin, there are no levels of varying...

The End-time Afflictions of Man (27.7.13)

are many in number, are many in effect, bring him to his knees in pain, make him short of breath, bring pain into his movements, affect his ability to move, his ability to earn a living, his ability to exercise his heart, ...


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