My Scrolls

Bk9 'God Speaks Now of a Seal Revealed' (42 items, 124 pages)

Forgotten Manuscript Discovered

This book’s manuscript was dictated by The Lord between late 1989 and completion in early 1990. The manuscript gave rise to much difficulty after showing it to the Church Elders for they censored it as both ...

My Little Book

And I hear The Lord Jesus saying, “This is the little book of which John writes. It is My Alpha and Omega, My First and My Last, the Beginning and the End. For now the seal is broken. ...

My Little Book Opened

“My little book has been held in readiness, has been kept secure, has the bespoke passages of God of both significance and earnestness; now comes forth to see the light of day among the multitudes, among the ....

My Book of Love (Dated early 1990)

This book, My book of love, has been written, as received, by My servant Anthony. He has recorded faithfully and without error the words I spoke to him in order that My intent may be made known to man. ...

The Appeal of Jesus (2)

These end-time Psalms of God highlight the protocols of Heaven, highlight the streaming ways of Heaven, highlight the behaviour of man, highlight the love of God for man, highlight the call for man, highlight the ...

The Story of Our God

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was throughout the firmament, and the firmament grew both in size and in stature, until the Word decreed— that all things that had been created were to the glory of ...

The Song of The Servant

I praise Your name, O Lord. For mighty are Your works on the Earth. Mighty are Your works before the angels. ...

The Love of Our God

Then I, the Lord, gave a new weapon to My warriors— a weapon that would turn the tide of battle— a weapon to vanquish the forces arrayed against My people— a weapon to use against those whose minds ...

The Song of The Saved

Now, the Lord has shown to me, this day, Of how the Father cared for Him With love that has defied the Cross. For there He shredded all my sins That I may now rejoice In the love of the Risen King. ...

The Table of The Lord

“The Bread Of Life has now been broken before the face of man; the face of man now has seen the suffering in the world, subject to the Will of He who sent Him; the Will of He who sent Him is now known ...

The Book of Life (2)— The Records of God

The Book of Life, the record of the Lamb, the Tome of all Creation, contains the works of God. Therein written are all things past, all things that are and all things yet to be. All creative acts are there recorded; ...

The Prayer of The Saved

O Jesus, the Living Christ, Come, now, in Your Glory. Reconcile all of Your blood-bought creation. Let the Spirit dwell with us this day that we may walk with Him. ...


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