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The Story of Our God

“In the beginning was the Word,

       and the Word was throughout the firmament,

       and the firmament grew both in size and in stature,

                        until the Word decreed— 

            that all things that had been created were to the glory of God.

Then the Kingdom of the universe became a blessing to all mankind.

The Glory of the Word came to dwell with men,

       and the heavens were opened,

       and men began to commune with angels,

       and great was the rejoicing both on Earth and in Heaven—

                     for the Glory of the Word had become known to man.

The Word opened His heart,

       and the Glory known to man fell on all the face of the Earth,

       and all creatures knew the Word and rejoiced.

Then the heavens were opened,

       and the Word decreed—

   that from that time forth all of creation would know and worship God.

Then the Word spoke throughout all the heavens,

       and glory came upon the faces of the angels as they prayed,

       and worshipped the Word,

       and the Word blessed them for they had seen the face of the Word,

       and the Word dwelt amongst them from that time forth.

Then the Word opened His mouth,

       and spoke to the nations of the Earth giving them words of praise—

                                                                         that they might glorify their creator,

       and the nations of the Earth offered their praises to the heavens,

       and the Glory of the Word came and dwelt amongst them. 

Then the Word proffered His hand to the peoples of the Earth,

       and peace fell upon the nations.

The Word opened His heart to the peoples of the nations,

       and the Glory of the Lord was made known to all nations.

The Lord spoke to the peoples in their own languages,

       and gave them instructions in the way they should live,

       and many nations listened to the word of the Lord,

       and they blessed Him as their nations grew and prospered.

Then the Lord opened His mouth again,

       and decreed that all nations on the face of the Earth,

                                  all creatures,

       and all the forces of nature should bow before Him as He moved across the face of the Earth.

The Lord spoke to the peoples,

       and called some by name that they might give the message of the Lord—

                                                 to all those who would listen,

       and the Spirit of the Lord moved in the hearts of those people— 

                                           that they might bring forth the word of the Lord:

                                                     to all those who would listen to the Law of the Lord.

Then the peoples of the nations rebelled against those people called by the Lord—

                                                      and did not honour them.

The Lord spoke again,

       and decreed that those nations that did not honour the people called by the Lord would come to naught;

                    the nations that from their beginning had praised and worshipped the Lord had rejected the Lord's Anointed as they
                                                                                                                                                                           ministered to their people.

Now the Lord spoke again,

       and the heavens were opened and the Lord ministered to the people,

           as He moved across the face of the Earth in power and majesty:

              nations heard Him and bowed before Him;

              nations trembled;

              nations humbled themselves;

              nations wept and cried to the Lord:

      and the Glory of the Lord abounded in those who heard the words of the Lord.

Then the Lord spoke to the angels of Heaven,

      and instructed them in all things pertaining to the hearts of men—

             that the angels might minister according to the needs of men,

      and they were sent forth to all corners of the Earth to minister the love of God to the peoples of the Earth.

      And the peoples of the Earth rejoiced when the word of the Lord was revealed to them,

      and the angels returned to the gates of Heaven praising God as they brought the news of the doings of men.

All creation groaned as the Spirit of the Lord was grieved.

The Lord raised His arm and moved upon the face of the Earth,

      and His angels were summoned before the Throne of Grace,

      and were instructed according to the Will of the Lord.

The Throne of Grace resolved the things of the Father.

The Father called His angels by name,

      and they approached the Most High in obedience to His Will.

The Father moved in power,

      and the angels bowed before Him as they were instructed in the battle plan against Lucifer.

The Father raised His arm,

      and decreed that from that day all those upon the Earth would receive knowledge of the Lord,

                                                                                                                                             the Son of the Father,

                                                                                                                                             the Anointed One,

                                                                                                                                             the Risen King,

                                           the Saviour of the world through signs and wonders assigned to those who carried the word of the Lord.

Now the Lord expressed the Will of the Father throughout the heavens,


         as the heavens rejoiced,

                   Lucifer resolved to fight the armies of the Lord;

                           those called by the Lord to testify on Earth—

                              that Jesus the Christ had risen from the dead—

                                              and now reigns with the Father.

The Spirit of the Lord,

    the Glory of the Lord,

           accompanied the armies of the Lord as they battled the demons and the fallen angels sent against them by Lucifer.

The armies of the Lord went forth accompanied by the angelic hosts assigned to them by the Throne of Grace.

The angelic hosts moved with haste as they served the armies of the Lord;

      and they moved over all the Earth doing the Will of the Lord.

The armies of the Lord preached the word to the nations of the Earth

                                                                                     as the Lord directed them,

                                                                                     as the Lord led them,

                                                                              and as the Lord instructed the angels.

Then the Lord surveyed His armies,

                      testing them for their faith and their obedience,

                                and for their willingness and ability to listen.

Many were found wanting;

                   for they did not listen;

                   for they did not obey;

      and they were unaware of the Will of the Lord.

Those who fell,

 those who had been snared by the agents of Lucifer,

                               were ministered to by the Spirit of the Lord.

Some rejoined the battle,

                   clothed again in the full armour of God,

                                                          the Eternal Father.

Some left the battle and bemoaned their fate as they watched the battle rage around them.

Some joined the powers of darkness,

                     the agents of Lucifer,

      and then fought against the very anointed of the Lord;

      and their stupidity was recorded.

And they who gathered around the thrones conferred with those in authority concerning the progress of the battle.

And they were sent forth on chariots of fire to carry the battle to Lucifer anew;

                                                                      to tend the fallen of the Lord;

                                                                      to mend the broken hearts;

                                                                      to revive the down-trodden spirits;

                                                                      to uplift the banner-carriers;

                                                                      to sound the trumpet-calls;

                                               and to be with those who were committed to the fight.

The Spirit of the Lord fell afresh upon the warriors of the Lord:

                                                              those who had heard the trumpet-calls;

                                                              those who were in the battle;

                                                              those who were laying-waste the works of Lucifer;

                                                                                and they fought with courage—

                                                                    as they used the weapons they had been given.

The warriors of the Lord carried the battle for the control of the freewill of men to all the corners of the Earth.

      They fought against the forces of Lucifer:

                                       the men who feed the demons;

                                       the men who have turned from God;

                                       the men who worship Lucifer.

       And women also were found who sought rewards from Lucifer,

                                                                           and they were numbered with the men.

Those with Lucifer were many.

They were united in their greed.

Their resources were vast.

Their authority and influence extended all over the Earth.

And they abused the Earth:

                              My footstool;

                              My creation;

             as they raped and pillaged and plundered the things of God.

And the peoples of the Earth,

                              save a few,



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