Book 2 'God Speaks to Man on the Internet'


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(2nd Edition - Reformatted, Installed 17.1.15)

Reviewer: AJE  
10th Feb 2013          *****

AnthoBook 2 frontcover 112c173 200dpiny Eddy does it again! In this masterful collection of more than one hundred fifty poems, Eddy, speaking in his fictional role as a prophet of the Lord, presents a clever commentary on the synthesis of traditional Christian religion with modern-day technology. In this smartly-written collection, Eddy speaks extensively on God's love for His people, His willingness to save us from damnation, and the quirky "Website of the Lord", run by Eddy as a tie-in to this book series.
The Website of the Lord is also written in the same in-character format as the "God Speaks..." series, lending an extra air of verisimilitude to the entire affair. It gives the entire series the feeling of an Alternate Reality Game, and with ARGs being highly popular these days I applaud Eddy's forward thinking in combining Christian tradition with the ever-evolving modern world. I wonder if he has considered the possibility of a television series centered around his fictional prophet avatar? I'm sure it would be a big hit. But in the meantime, we'll have to make do with these books.

Rating         5 / 5
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Reviewer: DN  
12th Apr 2013          *****

Book 2 frontcover 112c173 200dpi I think I reviewed the previous version of this. I must say, you are really quick at editing your books! This is quite a massive book, and to make changes in just a few days is impressive.
Anyway, in my last review I told you that you used to many ellipses and that it could give off an annoying effect. I can see you've lessened this use, and it's definitely improved the book as a whole.
The chapters are short and quick, delivering a lot of information in a short span of time. This is different to other religious books which have chapters that go on for hundreds of pages. Well done! Also, the contents page is neatly presented. It's long, but I realize that is necessary with a long book. I like how it has the pages in not only normal order, but in alphabetical order. I find this is what most books lack the most.
You make yourself appeal to the reader with the acknowledgements and the 'about the author' at the end. However, as I've said before, please either put 'scribe' or 'author' and not both. You should trust your audience to know what either of them mean :)
Otherwise, this is an entertaining read. I cannot express how happy I am that someone decided to put a new take on religious books with another, actually understandable, format. I believe if you market this well it will be an incredible hit.
Good luck for the future!
(This is a longer book, so that's why I'm willing to pay more.)

Rating         4 / 5
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Reviewer: SS
30th May 2013         *****

Book 2 frontcover 112c173 200dpiMr. Anthony Eddy’s 'God Speaks to Man on the Internet' is quite an interesting read. It has been written from a new angle. A collection of a hundred and fifty poems, it has no plot or characters, but still is very engrossing for a person who is deeply religious. The book talks of religion in terms of technology. This is the part I loved the most.
The chapters are short and sweet. Mr. Anthony Eddy conveys very deep messages and a lot of information in a very few words.  That’s what I appreciate the most. Although religious, his books, unlike others of the same genre, do not feel like long sermons. The poems are short and informative.
As I have said before, I loved the amalgamation of religion and technology. It is a rare perspective, and a good one, too. Kudos on that! I appreciate the forward thinking of the author, since most of the people have a common misconception that religion drags people backwards. Mr. Anthony Eddy successfully combines traditional Christianity with modern days, via internet, and proves them wrong, which, trust me, is very important for people like me.
I would also like to point out that the editing and grammar is almost flawless. Apart from some inevitable typos, the book is perfect from this aspect.
In the collection, Mr. Anthony Eddy speaks about God's love for His people, His willingness to save us from damnation and of course, the website of the Lord, run by Mr. Anthony Eddy.

Rating         4 / 5
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Reviewer: JD
9th Jun 2013            *****

This  bBook 2 frontcover 112c173 200dpiook is different from others I have read. I do not make it a habit to read books in the spiritual genre but this is an exception. You will not be disappointed!
I enjoyed this book I must say. When I first began to read it I wasn't sure if it would keep my very short attention, but it did. The format used, making it look like poetry, is very refreshing to see, as personally, I had gotten used to the block style of writing. It keeps your attention by providing short and easy to read sentences, and you won't get lost as to what topic you're on because the author clearly shows you what they are talking about.
The book is too much for me to read in one sitting as I do most other books, because I did find it a bit overwhelming (but in a good way!). I managed to finish it only after a few days but in my opinion it would be better for the reader to divide it into daily readings. It would make a nice inspirational start to your day (or even at bedtime.)
The language used is fairly easily to understand, no big words or terms that would require a dictionary. Anybody who can read can benefit from reading this book.
I must include the part that although personally I am not a religious person, the book does make a strong case in building up (or rebuilding) your faith. Kudos to the author for creating this spiritual masterpiece!

Rating         5 / 5
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Reviewer: SB
19th Jun 2013          *****

This is the I think Book 2 frontcover 112c173 200dpi second book of Mr Eddy's that I have read. The first was 'God Speaks as His Spirit Empowers', and was my favourite of the two - I really did enjoy 'His Spirit Empowers' a great deal. This book has clearly had just as much love and attention to detail put into it. I think the reason that this book resonated with me a little less than the first one I read is because the tone of the prose felt a bit darker and more serious. To give an example, in The Eggs of Life he seems to be stating an objection to artificial insemination, as well as abortion, or really anything outside of the strictly traditional (just my perception, I could have misconstrued this). But I feel that this more serious tone will be off putting to some readers, as it was to me.

Some favourite parts of mine include 'The Days of Loneliness' and 'The Footfalls of Man. These parts were very much in keeping with the style of 'His Spirit Empowers' (the first book I read) which I had found so enlightening and enjoyable. This is quite a long book, and perhaps one to dip in and out of, rather than to read all in one go. It must have been a huge effort to write, and a sustained one too. The quality of Mr Eddy's writing doesn't change throughout the entire book. It is well written, and again thought provoking just like 'His Spirit Empowers. The reason I had enjoyed this book a little less was down to the tone of the prose being darker. I think this book is more aimed at the religious reader, a narrower audience than the first I had read. So I would recommend this book to a religious person who also enjoyed prose.

Rating         3/ 5
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