My Scrolls

Bk6. 'God Speaks to His Bridal Presence' (115 Scrolls, 332 pages)

My Missives For My Bride (16.10.12)

are begot by God, are begot with wisdom, are begot with encouragement, are begot for the end-time of man, ...

To The Victor Goes The Prize (21.10.12)

to he who perseveres until the new beginning; to he who validates his commitment with the goal in mind; to he who receives his garland from the race; to he who exchanges it for a golden crown, can reflect with ...

The Garden of Peace and Tranquility (18.12.13)

is not to be found upon the earth before the end of time; cannot exist in the presence of unrighteousness, cannot exist while subject to invasion by those for whom holiness is unknown, cannot exist while blasph...

The Protocols of Heaven (28.12.13)

are the rules of engagement, are the instruments of impressions, are the means of expectations; are the governors of relationships, are the principles to be followed, are the mindsets of introductions, are the ...

The English (Saxon) Gold of Significance (4 of 6) (11.6.13)

The widow of the wielder of the sword saw many birthdays of her children, was present at the birthdays of her grandchildren as the sounds of laughter floated into a home of happiness on the evening summer’s air ...

The Soul of Man (2) (24.9.12)

is nervous in unfamiliar situations, is prone to brashness in self-promotion, is inclined to bravado in assuming a front for presentation, does not like to be examined, does not like to share a history of specifics, does not...

The Pearls of God (13.9.12)

are not to be thrown before the swine of man, are to be cherished and absorbed, are to be taken into the spirit and the soul, are to be shown and adorned upon the outpourings of man, are droplets of His wisdom ...

My Missives Going Forth (14.9.12)

are many and varied, are for My servants at large in ministering, are for the ministered found all at sea and wet with dew; are composed with content which is relevant, are composed from a source of impeccability, ...

The Emissaries of God (15.9.12)

are knocking on the doors of hearts: find some firmly closed and locked, find some left on the latch, find some slightly ajar, find some open with a welcome mat before; find some not answered with a hidden shout to go ...

The Entreaties of The Heart (15.9.12)

need to be sincere, need to be an unique expression, need to be ascribed unto a saint in waiting, unto a saint in being; call without retreat, call with the heart’s desire, call for the attention of The God Of Love, stem fro...

The Warlord of The Nations (17.9.12)

is at home within the sky, is at home within the seas, is at home within His stations on the earth; is The God of War, is The God opposed to evil, is The God who fights, is The God who conquers, is The God who knows the...

The Armourer of God (17.9.12)

settles for the best, settles for the most effective, settles for those decreed by God; is well-stocked for supplies, has sufficient ready for the tasks involved, holds an inventory deployed throughout the world; ...


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