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The Armourer of God (17.9.12)

“The armourer of God settles for the best,

                                    settles for the most effective,

                                    settles for those decreed by God.

The armourer of God is well-stocked for supplies,

                                   has sufficient ready for the tasks involved,

                                   holds an inventory deployed throughout the world.

The armourer of God does not have to account for theft,

                                   does not have to chase procurement,

                                   does not have to sign the chits for in and out,

                                   does not have a problem of replacements in the field,

                                   does not have failures of security,

                                   does not have difficulties within the chain of command,

                                   does not have to make amends for failure of equipment.

The armourer of God is far-sighted and authoritative,

                                   is circumspect and honoured,

                                   is committed and reserved.

The armourer of God knows those suited for the angels,

                                   knows those suited for the hosts,

                                   knows those suited for man.

The armourer of God will not always be required in this function,

                                   can see the end of time approaching,

                                   can envision a day when the battlefields are quietened,

                                                                  when the laying waste is ended on the earth.

The armourer of God dresses and enrobes the flanks and files of God for the taking of possession;

                                   dresses and enrobes the horsemen for the charging of the strongholds;

                                   dresses and enrobes the arrows for their flight:

                                   dresses and enrobes the battlers for The Warlord of the nations.

The armourer of God is aware of the battle lines of nations drawn up against the foe,

                                   is aware of the deficiencies,

                                   is aware of the gaps in the defence,

                                   is aware of the need to man the ramparts,

                                   is aware of the urgency to sound the call to arms,

                                   is aware of the stomp of feet marshalling in opposition.

The armourer of God is busy with the witnesses,

                                   is busy with instructing,

                                   is busy with the allocations of God.

The armourer of God is not short of time.

The armourer of God is not run off his feet.

The armourer of God is studied and consolidated.

The armourer of God places trust and confidence in God.

The armourer of God hears the equipping going forth,

                                   reports the saints prepared for battle,

                                   sees the skirmishing begun,

                                   notices the scallywags in tow.

The armourer of God is attending to His duties,

                                   is meeting with the fit and able,

                                   is checking there are no chinks where the unwelcome may attempt an entry,

                                   is overseeing the fitting and the level of protection,

                                   is confirming all is well with the armour when in place,

                                   is satisfied with the arrows and their targeting –

                                                         within the bride of Christ preparing –

                                                         without the bride of Christ in yearning.

The armourer of God knows the use of wisdom,

                                   has experience throughout the age of man,

                                   recognizes the valour of the effort of the few,

                                   recognizes the concerted effort of the many tried and true,

                                   recognizes the strategy destined for failure as exhibited by the foe of man.

The armourer of God defines and solidifies,

                                   strengthens and fortifies,

                                   builds and bestows.

The armourer of God counsels and instructs,

                                   details and precedes,

                                   verifies and encourages.

The armourer of God marks and records,

                                   furnishes and establishes,

                                   leads and enthuses.

The armourer of God is not concerned with failure of His being,

                                                              with failure of His presence,

                                                              with failure of His means of communication.

The armourer of God achieves His goals of intent in conformity with the will of God.”


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