Book 1 'GOD Speaks of Return
                               and Bannered'
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Book 1 'Return and Bannered'

Helix Themes ( ‘/’ reads as 'AND / OR') result from a paid sophisticated computer analysis of each book independently, resulting in a 22 page report. The data below compares the Themes of the 7 books and the % a Theme is present.
For example, if your top theme is Angels and the bar is nearly 90% full, that means that your book contains more Angels than 90% of books that have Angels present. Even amongst Angel books, you’d have a lot of Angels.
The Helix Keywords below are selected by comparing these books to the word makeup of the entire Book Genome database (100,000 books). We compare the words in these books to how other writers use them, and then identify which words are distinctively these. It is not a frequency count, but a measure of the words used proportionally more often than other authors. They are uniquely these books' words, at least in the context of each manuscript.

                             Book 1
                                                                GOD Speaks of Return & Bannered                                  

Frontcover book1 0208low 112x173

This book is a tug of encouragement at man's freewill in pre-emption of

the later fitting of the shackles. Today is in the age of Grace.
Wait not for tomorrow which the grave may claim.
Foolish are they who lack the will to act.
Foolish are they who let pride get
in the way of an onward journey
in the temple of The Spirit.
Helix  Review Analysis against 100,000 Book Database
Next, we’ll look at all books on the market that are similar to yours, also called Comparable Titles. If your book were published today, we’d likely suggest it to fans of the books listed below. There are two groups of Comparable Titles: “All Genre” and “In Genre.” The titles below are ‘All Genre’ Comparables, which means that we’re suggesting any title that we consider to have similarities, regardless of whether it matches your chosen genre.    

At the same time, it can be useful to narrow the scope to only books targeting a similar audience, and look specifically at the titles inside of your genre.
    These ‘In Genre’ comparables for Christianity are below.
    (Colour coding indicates multiple selections of a title;
      * indicates title selections of author Kay Arthur)


Frontcover book1 0208low 112x173'GOD Speaks of Return and Bannered'
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The 5 Helix 'IN GENRE' comparable Titles:
'The T.D. Jakes Relationship Bible' By T.D. Jakes
'Lord, I want to Know You: A ... ' By Kay Arthur
'In Light of Eternity: Persp...' By Randy Alcorn
'Battling Unbelief: Defeating S...' By John Piper
'The Prayers and Personal Devotions of Mother Angelica' By Raymond Arroyo

The 5 Helix 'ALL GENRE' comparable Titles:
'The Cloud of Unknowing And The Book of Privy Counseling' Edited By William Johnston
'The T.D. Jakes Relationship Bible' By T.D. Jakes
'The Interior Castle' By Teresa of Avila
'NRSV Catholic Edition Bible ...' By Harper Bibles
'The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ' By Levi Dowling

Similar Themes in other books                   All Books %    Christianity %      God’s 1st 7 Books’ Themes  
                                                                                                                                   Av % When Present in:

Life / Death / Spirituality / Fate                          9.5                 54.4                   99.0         (7 bks)
Gods & Goddesses / Mortals / Heroes              3.2                 12.5                   59.2          (6 bks)
History / Academics / Culture                          17.3                 45.2                   65.2          (4 bks)
Military Campaign / Siege / Historic Combat    4.3                   3.4                   44.5          (2 bks)
Parent Hood / Child Rearing                               9.3                 15.3                    76.5         (1 bk)
Science / Technology / Astronomy                     5.8                   4.6                    40.7         (1 bk)
Church Services / Religious Worship                  6.8                59.8                    47.1         (7 bks)
Marriage / Weddings / Engagement                   3.8                  2.3                    48.2         (2 bks)
History / Academics / Culture                           17.3                45.2                    49.2         (3 bks)
Study of Nature                                                   21.1                22.6                    21.4         (7 bks)
Economics / Investment / Financial                  18.9                13.6                    25.9         (1 bk)
Government / Social Discourse / Revolution   11.4                16.5                   19.8          (1 bk)
Catholic Institution / Religious Hierarchy           4.1                16.6                   17.8          (3 bks)
Romance / Caress / Passion                               15.1                17.5                   13.6         (1 bk)
Strategic Planning / Conflict                              17.4                27.7                      7.4         (1 Bk)

Helix Themes – Story DNA from  Book 1


  Line Comments - This Book 1 does not contain a series 'High'

KEEP IN MIND -     '/' is read as 'and / or'
Life / Death / Spirituality / Fate
Gods & Goddesses / Mortals / Heroes
History / Academics / Culture
Military Campaign / Siege / Historic Combat
Parent Hood / Child Rearing
Science / Technology / Astronomy
Church Services / Religious Worship
Marriage / Weddings / Engagement
History / Academics / Culture
Study of Nature
Economics / Investment / Financial
Government / Social Discourse / Revolution
Catholic Institution / Religious Hierarchy
Romance / Caress / Passion
Strategic Planning / Conflict Management


All 7 Books are uniformly and quite exceptionally high in this theme.
The theme is notable missing from this book as it is in all the other 6.
Missing here, but in the next 4 books.
Only in 2 books -  this and Bk 3 with both at very similar levels.

Only in Book 7.
Only in Book 5
In all the books; very high in Books 4 & 6; At this level in the others.
As Expected,  very high in Book 6 with some also in Book 7.
 in just three Books, with the highest in Book 7.
First 6 books all much of a muchness, but jumps substantially in Book 7.
Only in Book 7.
Again, only in Book 7.
Shares with Books 6 & 7.
Only in Book 5.
Only in Book 6

Helix Book 1 Keywords Analysis
outcast, transgressor, soul, earth, profanity, come, wise, presence, wield, utterance, man, wherewithal, intent, foe, polish, lion, kingdom, fall, rise, mettle, seek, roar, confine, lack, edifice, footpath, turmoil, wrath, fickleness, spirit, lord, heaven, banner, spread, downpour, trinket, creation

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