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6. How Do We View the Political Scene?

A Land of Plenty (26.1.09)

Far from the Kingdom of God lies a land of plenty, that sacrifices to unknown gods, that breeds a cult of worship of gods not known to the Risen King, that believes it has no need for the God of its scriptures...

The Plank of A Nation (6.2.09)

A nation should rejoice in celebration of its birth, should know of the purpose for its creation, should be grateful for a history with a Lion. A nation’s plank of creation should be an object of thanksgiving, ...

Babylon and The Rise of Ashkelon (11.8.09)

The fall of Babylon is the fall of papered wealth, is the shattering of the empty money pots, is the breaking of extended trust, is as the overturning of the tables. The Rise of Ashkelon whose greed, whose corrup...

The Secrecy of Governments (10.2.11)

The secrecy of the governments of man always is the encourager of corruption, of bribery, of payment for a service when none should be required. The secrecy of the governments of man invites payments for...

The Land of Goshen (21.7.12)

is a land at risk, subject to the eyes of envy, where peace exists, where weapons have been turned to ploughshares, where families are nurturing their young, where the defences are not great, where neigh...

The End-time Vitality of A Nation (3.8.13)

depends on its understanding, on its wisdom, on its vision for the future based both on peace and the well-being of its peoples, on its relationship with its neighbours, on its righteousness of rule, on its ...

The Government of A People (16.12.13)

should be active in encouraging, in achieving: the feeding of their people – from the resources which are bounded within the land – wherein they are born or settled, should develop its food resources, should …

The Reins of Power (4.4.16)

should be held very lightly; should not be adjusted as if to hold a bucking horse, as if to subdue the spreading of dissent, as if to conquer and divide in the strength of domination; should not be confused ...

The Election of A Man (31.5.16)

can have a profound effect; can change the course of nations, can change the course of lives, can change the course of man onto the path of righteousness; sways the forests of knowledge and of wisdom: the ...

Our Prayer for America, The Beautiful (12.10.16)

“O Lord Jesus, Let not the fall of America progress any further. Let not evil intent encroach upon the Righteous. Let not the iniquity and the fear of man bring Your churches to silence. Let not the call to ...


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