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The Government of A People (16.12.13)

“Man is destined to have wisdom in all things:

                                         seek each in its own season;

                                         grow each in its own season;

                                         harvest each in its own season.

The bodily fare of man is intended to have variance of consumption,

                                      is intended to vary with the season,

                                      is intended to impact on all the senses presently available to man.

Out of season purchases impact on the purse of man,

                                        impact on the taste buds meant for the season’s fare,

                                        impact on the body for both vitality and health.

The seasonal range within a country is ample to supply the needs of its people,

                                                                         to so feed themselves,

                                                                         to so benefit from produce under their control,

                                                                         to so avoid both starvation and gluttony:

                                                                                                       which share the same dependency,

                                                                                                       which reflect each upon the body’s frame,

                                                                                                       which are equally injurious to the health of man.

The government of a people should be active in ensuring,

                                                                         in encouraging,

                                                                         in achieving:

                                                                                     the feeding of their people –

                                                                                                   from the resources which are bounded within the land –

                                                                                              wherein they are born or settled.

The government of a people should develop its food resources,

                                              should ensure the farmer of his land can earn a living there,

                                                                                   is not encouraged to move into a city –

                                                    where his mouth is added to those already dependant on the efforts of a countryside,

                                                                          is seen to have an occupation worthy of much honour and to be rewarded so,

                                                                 is established there as the food provider of a nation with fare both generous and fine.

The government of a people should attend to the internal transport under its control;

                                                                                                               to move the produce of the land,

                                                                                                                              while it is fresh and wholesome,

                                                                                                               into the cities of consumption:

                                                               where the mouths of hunger are forced into acts of defilement of the spirit –

                                                                                                    in procuring food for those still contained within a home.

The government of a people fails its people when chasing weapons –

                                                                                        while ignoring the plight of its inhabitants,

                                                                                        while ignoring education health and services,

                                                                                        while not attending to the basic amenities of life:

                                                                                                  built upon access to pure water –

                                                                  uncontaminated by what has been discarded either as a by-product or as waste.

                  For such as these know first-hand the deprivation:

                                         arising from restriction or denial to participate –

                                                                     in that which is not widely made available.

The government of a people should concentrate on the health and livelihoods of its people:

                                                    not becoming a threat to others beyond its boundaries –

                                                                                        to neighbours,

                                                                                        to those in distant lands,

                                                                                        to those who dwell across the seas.

The government of a people should not feed on corruption by robbing the tables of the poor;

                                              should not open bank accounts in foreign lands with secret access codes;

                                              should find contentment in serving their fellow man:

                                                 placed within their circle of responsibility for receiving legislation –

                                                                                                                     which brings honour to a country,

                                                                                                                     which does not impede man’s progress,

                                                                                                                     which ensures food is plentiful and nourishing.

For there,

         in a land of plenty,

                will happiness abound,

                will freedom raise its joyful song,

                will earnestness of endeavour sprout and grow throughout the land in the sunshine of its youth.

                            So should be the righteous governance of the people for the benefit of the integrity of man.”


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