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Bk1. 'God Speaks of Return and Bannered' (176 Scrolls, 418 pages)

The Vision (24.7.07)

He who has eyes let him see. He who has faith let him seek. He who has a tongue let him speak. He who has ears let him hear. He who has understanding let him act. He who has understanding let him watch. He who ...

The Vision Scriptures (24.7.07)

Habakkuk 2: 1–3 I will stand my watch And set myself on the rampart, And watch to see what He will say to me, And what I will answer when I am corrected. Then The Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision ...”

The Banner Named, Introduced (9.8.08)

By these this banner will be known by man: The Banner of The Kingdom For by it each will know my servants; The Banner of Grace For by it the world will witness my love; The Banner of Justice For by it all will receive...

The Banner Comes Forth (16.8.08)

I AM. I, The Lord, now bring forth My Banner, of the Kingdom, of Grace, of Justice,  to inspire as the Holy Spirit guides My people in the coming times of trial.

The Banner Affirmed as His Will (15.8.08)

It is My will that this Banner flies over My Domain, My Kingdom, My Estate from this day forth. This Banner, this Flag, this Standard, denotes gathering points of my people who know me by name and through My Spirit.

The Banner of Design (16.8.08)

The Red Cross points man to My sacrifice of love within an agony of sin... The White Cross decrees the purity of the Father standing behind His Son... It is the Star of the New Covenant. It is the Star of Bethlehem...

The Character and Mettle of Man (20-25.8.08)

I am changing the ether of the earth. I am changing the very ether that is the breath of man, that the mettle of man shall be tested before me. And the mettle of man shall be sharpened as an axe on the grinding wheel. ...

The Banner Defined (29.8.08)

It is The Banner of The Kingdom when lifted high and fully extended with a pole at either end placed in sleeves of white material each carefully sewn with white thread. It is The Standard of The Kingdom when...

The Banner Divine Scriptural Revelations (18.9.08)

Then, The Lord requested a diligent search of the scriptures for all references to “banners”, “signs” and “standards”, both in the plural and the singular, and to preserve the reference and to type out the text.

The Banner Divine Commentary - The Emblem of The Spirit (9.10.08)

Isaiah 11:12 For it is written ‘He will set up a banner for the nations …’ That they may know the presence of The Lord within their midst,  the presence of The Lord that soon comes forth from The Father, ...

The Banner Speaks of Unity (1.9.08)

“The Banner of the Kingdom speaks of the unity of man in fulfilled and perfect completion as the single and complete bride of Christ – all His saints now united and one with Him in the Bright...

The Banner of The Protocols (3.9.08)

It is my desire that the Banner of the Kingdom should not fly at night during the hours of darkness. Nor should it fly on a seventh day, for the seventh Day is the consecrated day of rest...


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