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What is in The End-time 8 Books of God?

Testimony of The Day of The Lord (4.3.10)

I, The Lord, this day speak to the peoples of the earth in confirmation of the effort of my servant, Anthony, in bringing forth this book which he now lays before you. This book in which I speak of My return, and of ...

Testimony of My Book of Scrolls (10.7.11)

This day, I speak to my servant, Anthony, with a tasking to commit My scrolls, together with My two divine commentaries on Daniel and on Revelation, as a published book, as an eBook of My network: all those wh...

Testimony of My Book of The Storm (19.12.11)

I speak to the nations of the earth, the peoples of the earth, the tongues of the earth so they may be aware of what is on the way, so they may be prepared for what is round the corner, so they may have the fore...

My End-time Calls for Man (31.5.12)

I, The Lord Jesus, am involved with man since his beginning – in his time frame of the being of his presence, in his shuttering against the storms and trials, in his inoculations for good health, in his preservation from dem...

My Letters From The Son (3.9.12)

I, The Lord, see man from afar, see man from closeup, see man as he wishes, see man as he is. I, The Lord, of his creation, know man very well – both in his failings and in his successes; both in his sliding down the slippery ...

My Missives For My Bride (16.10.12)

are begot by God, are begot with wisdom, are begot with encouragement, are begot for the end-time of man, ...

My Book Seven Status (7.5.14)

Book seven wherein I, The Lord Jesus, speak of My presence, is the handbook of God for man; is the handbook for the multitudes who remain within My Kingdom; is the handbook of the edicts of The Lord to b...

The End-time Vision From God 7.7.12)

I, The Lord Jesus, speak to My servant Anthony this day with a vision for the earth, with a vision for My advent, with a vision all encompassing for the edifice of God; speak in affirmation, speak in testimony, speak ...

Believe Be Guided Be Warned (10.12.12)

Anthony, My son, has served with honour unto completion of the vision as declared to him over many hours of days stretching into years. As I, The Lord, have spoken, so Anthony has recorded accurately and in fullne...

The End-time Psalms of God (26.3.16)

are majestic in their construction, are precise in their definitions, are conveying their simplicity of intent; reach out to the populace of God as screened by grace, reach out to the assigned to the destiny of default ...

My Heralds with the Parts of The End-time Psalms of God (5.7.16)

Arise and take control! Arise and set the agendas! Arise and ensure success! My Heralds, arise and fund! Arise and rate returns! Arise and seek the market place of man! Arise and feed the hungry and the starving—

Of End-time Events (22.7.16)

The end-time events of God are not resequenced by man; are imposed upon man in his mortality: in all his fear of God, in all his wisdom gained, in all his knowledge acquired, in all his understanding realized, in all ...


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