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My End-time Calls for Man (31.5.12)


    The Lord Jesus,

        am involved with man since his beginning – 

              in his time frame of the being of his presence,

              in his shuttering against the storms and trials,

              in his inoculations for good health,

              in his preservation from demonic forces,

              in his quest for wisdom,

              in his accumulating knowledge.


    The Lord Jesus,

        am the nurturer of creation,

              the instigator of the fathering of life,

              the springboard for existence,

              the bringer of awareness to the spirit of man,

              the participator in the progression of man towards his God,

              the prime mover in the exaltation of man as the end-time of preparation ends.


    The Lord Jesus,

              am the epitome of completeness,

                   the author of reconciliation,

                   the architect of redemption,

                   the offeror of salvation,

                   the definer of morality,

                   the good shepherd of His sheep.


    The Lord Jesus,

             speak to man this day of his being in the end-time of his mortality,

                                                 of his being at the cross-roads of existence,

                                                 of his being subject to the tipping of the scales of his freewill.

                   For as the scales are tipped so the destiny is procured.

                   For as the scales are tipped so the freewill of man decides.

                   For as the scales are tipped so the existence in eternity becomes instated with a dwelling place.

                   For the scales of destiny are accurate and refined:

                                                           verify the weight of sin,

                                                           verify the presence of grace.

                  For the scales of destiny do not seesaw in indecision:

                                                          know the arguments of sin;

                                                          know the overwhelming bounty of grace.

                  So man pays the penalty of sin or receives the accolade due grace,

                                is destined for the depths of darkness or is uplifted to the light:

                                has his freewill demanding respect –

                                                                    from the detailed record;

                            or has his freewill deserving honour –

                                                                    borne by righteous faith.


    The Lord Jesus,

             will greet all those awaiting Me,

             will turn My back on those unknown and weighted down with sin.

             The entry in The Lamb’s Book of Life,

                       for each within mortality,

                               is only valid,

                                   only remains on offer,

                                   only stands open for acceptance:

                                                         within a timeline shrinking fast,

                                                         within a timeline prior to My return,

                                                         within a timeline set for expiry on the use-by day.

             The timeline as set for man has been determined by God.

             The timeline as set for man is soon to reach its fullness.

             The timeline as set for man is for his preparation,

                                                          is for his acquisition of wisdom borne by God,

                                                          is for his enabling of a journey borne by a freewill commitment with honour to the fore.”


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