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5. Evolution - Does this Theory have a 'Useby' date?

The Banner of The Battle (16.1.09)

The Banner of the Kingdom speaks of the battle for humanity, the battle for each soul, the battle that recoups what has been lost. Tendrils of Evolution capture the mind, entangle the mind, constrict the paths of thought,

The Banner at Home (23.1.09)

The Banner of the Kingdom is at home in the garden of the earth, is at home in the oases of wonder, is at home in the waterfalls of the veils, in the adornment of the flowers, in the delight of webs within the mists...

The Coming of The King (13.7.10)

long-filled with the blandishments of the past, creases the face of the sceptic with an all-knowing smile, produces a yawn of boredom from the un-informed, from the ill-informed, from the non-informed. ...

The Wayfarer of God (2.9.11)

has a special relationship with God, has a special empathy with God, has a special time with God, does not stumble over the stepping stones of God, reads the signposts on the way, grows actively in righteousness…

The Absence of God (1.12.11)

The concept of man is not an easy one to postulate, is not an easy one to simulate, is not an easy one to duplicate, is not an easy one to emulate; is easy to accept when within the sphere of being, when within the...

The Incubators of Man (1.8.12)

is designed to be upon the earth, is designed to be within the womb, is designed to be within mortality: exits from the grave as a fledgling of the universe for maturity with God, imparts wisdom, imparts knowledge of ...

The Followers of Evolution (27.11.12)

The followers of evolution shall perish in their unbelief; shall perish in their denial of The Cross; shall perish in their commitment based on ignorance – through only the reading of the headlines; shall perish in the forsak...

Those with Freewill Choice (1.12.12)

Blessed are those who have an entry in The Lamb’s Book of Life. Many are those who will claim shelter in The Kingdom when they know that it exists, who will leave it far too late: when faith has wilted, when grace has...

Satan's Nest Eggs (3.3.14)

are happy where they are, have no chance of development, will forever be cuddled up in warmth – when separated from the nest – when quite alone and filled with much dismay, are the willing souls consenting ...


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