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Satan's Nest Eggs (3.3.14)

“Satan’s nest eggs are happy where they are,

                              have no chance of development,

                              will forever be cuddled up in warmth –

                                                                      when separated from the nest –

                                                                      when quite alone and filled with much dismay.

Satan’s nest eggs are the willing souls consenting with eternity ahead,

                            are the accompanying spirits aware they may experience shortened spans of life.

Satan’s nest eggs are entrapped and should endeavour to break free while grace abounds,

                                                          should empower their spirits with longevity of life,

                        should repudiate their mistakes in the erasing of the records while time is on their side.

Satan’s nest eggs are hollow and ill-informed,

                            are captives in a battle with repercussions in a wider sphere,

                            are prisoners of war where incarceration forever fills the future.

Satan’s nest eggs are the bodies souls and spirits active in the fleshly quest of self-promotion,

                                                                               active in the fleshly quest for satanic power,

                                                                               active in the fleshly quest for supremacy in their chosen field where they need a torch,

                                                                               active in the fleshly quest for money where the partnerships are questionable,

                                                                               active in the fleshly selection of idols without life,

                                                                               active in the fleshly seeking of the glitz and glamour,

                                                                                                                            of the fame and fortune,

                                                                                                                            of all which lies on offer at the parties of the crowd –

                                                                                                                                            that which their characters cannot handle –

                                                                                                                                            that which their souls willingly adopt,

                                                                                                                                           that which their spirits cannot overcome.

Satan’s nest eggs encourage others to join,

                                              others to sample all the wares on offer,

                                              others to participate in conflict with the consciences which question the input to the senses,

                                                                               in conflict with the spirits still free and independent,

                                                                               in conflict with the souls who are crying out for more.

Satan’s nest eggs become comfortable in squirming,

                                     in becoming insensitive to the thorns and prickles found within the nest,

                                                     insensitive to the broken stones and boulders which cramp the space with jagged edges:

                                                                                                                                                   as they build a toughened skin.

Satan’s nest eggs never hatch to fly within the sky,

                             are forever restricted by a prison,

                             will never know the flights of other souls welcomed and set free.

Satan’s nest eggs know the contamination of the nest,

                             know the restrictions put on wisdom,

                             know the troubling of the spirits prior to each surrender.

Satan’s nest eggs sing the bawdy and the frivolous;

                             hear the raucous and uncouth;

                             mix it with the salivating and the leers,

                                                the addictions and the greed,

                                                the cruising and the satisfied.

Satan’s nest eggs worship at the altars of idolatry:

                                                                         the sporting;

                                                                         the recreational;

                                                                         the life styles of toys,

                                                                                                of transport,

                                                                                                of eating out,

                                                                                                of travel,

                                                                                                of accommodation –

                                                                                                       all spent with a careless flourish of a card;

                                                                         the grandiose,

                                                                         the opulent,

                                                                         the needless duplication –

                                                                                                       all carried to excess in satisfaction of a want.

Satan’s nest eggs violate the morality of God,

                             follow the ethics of man,

                             are adoptees of the throne of evolution which destroys accountability,

                                                                                            which negates responsibility for the choices of freewill,

                                                                                            which impacts on the characters of man,

                                                                                            which exonerates the self from service to his fellow man.

Satan’s nest eggs watch in silence at the onset of starvation,

                            watch in silence –

                                              from a distance –

                                                            the battlefields of power as fed by greed,

                            watch in silence at the striking down of the innocent,

                            watch in silence at the blood letting stemming from the vows.

Satan’s nest eggs know their cronies in the market place,

                            know the success of monopolies,

                            know the success of bribes and underhand commissions,

                            know the effectiveness of graft and corruption in the mixing with the lie.

Satan’s nest eggs know the hindrance of the righteous,

                            know to avoid the honest and the truthful,

                            know to be circumspect with the followers of Jesus.

Satan’s nest eggs often are tainted by the smell from within the nest,

                            often sign their presence by their motivation,

                            often indicate their thought patterns to the listeners,

                            often are intolerant to correction of obscenities,

                            often indicate to the perceptive that all is not well within the nest egg soul.

Satan’s nest eggs have turned their backs on God,

                            have a gargoyle as their figurehead,

                            are very severely limited by the promises of God.”


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