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The Followers of Evolution (27.11.12)

“The followers of evolution shall perish in their unbelief;

                                              shall perish in their denial of The Cross;

                                              shall perish in their commitment based on ignorance –

                                                                                          through only the reading of the headlines;

                                              shall perish in the forsaking of their God;

                                              shall perish in believing on the idol built by man;

                                              shall perish along with the false prophets and with Satan:

                       for lying on a theorising as if it held the status of the truth,

                       for lying to the innocent without checking the foundation of the theorising of man,

                       for lying in the presence of the God of man –

                                                 where the falseness of the gathered arguments of man do not prevail against the evidence testifying of The Living God.

The headlines of evolution are placed above the content with no mastery of understanding,

              no mastery of mis-stated concepts nor of life,

              no mastery of understanding the speed built into accommodation of a needed change –

                                                                               which is reversible with the reversal of the triggers.

The headlines of evolution skate over the inconsistencies,

                                            skate over the anomalies,

                                            skate over the evidence seen to refute,

                                            skate over the facilities of life not needed when they were observed,

                                            skate over the uniqueness of the starting point of life,

                                            skate over the absolute morality of God settling instead for the relevancy of the ethics of man.

         The ethics of man in his individuality may adopt within his lifestyle whatever behavioural patterns he so sets in place.

         The ethics of man are at the whim of man.

         The ethics of man are no better than his adopting of the theorising of the plausibility of the evolutionary aspects of man –

                          then accepting all as fact without the proof of repeatability supporting sustainability.

The followers of evolution know the popularity of their bandwagon of the day;

                                            incite dismissal of the God who cares;

                                            incite dismissal of the prayers as answered;

                                            incite dismissal of the teachings of a loving God as being a waste of time;

                                            incite dismissal of the truth as against the evidence;

                                            incite the dismissal by the intellect –

                                                                                         of the faith in Christianity:

                                                                                 as of no valid worth in its contrariness to science;

                                            incite the lemmings to jump the cliff of death in hopelessness and despair.

The followers of evolution are held accountable by God for each soul’s loss of faith,

                                                                                 for each spirit’s loss of purpose,

                                                                                 for the lowering of morality as hope becomes forlorn.

The followers of evolution cannot hide within a crowd of ignorance personified,

                                            cannot hide within a field by lying down upon the stubble,

                                            cannot hide within the field of science when there is no theorem embedded in the truth,

                                            cannot hide behind a half-baked concept where the foundation is built on sand.

The followers of evolution are accountable for their folly and stupidity –

                                                          as confessed by their tongues in speaking through their lips;

                                                          as declared by their hands in writing,

                                                                                on the paper within their grasp,

                                                                                              in the sustaining of a lie.

The followers of evolution are accountable for passing falsity off as truth;

                                                                      for spreading an infection based solely on the hot air of man;

                                                                      for failing to assess in verifying the biggest lie of all the centuries of man –

                                                                                                     where satanic influence is to the fore.

The followers of evolution need to repent and to withdraw the thesis on the table,

                                            need to recant that which they have claimed as fact before the multitudes,

                                            need to dispose of evolutionary constructs into the dustbin of deceit –

                                                                                                         as destined for The Refiner’s fire.”


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