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My Heralds with the Parts of The End-time Psalms of God (5.7.16)

“My Heralds,

         arise and take control!

         Arise and set the agendas!

         Arise and ensure success!

My Heralds,

         arise and fund!

         Arise and rate returns!

         Arise and seek the market place of man!

         Arise and feed the hungry and the starving—

                                                those who seek and want and need the fare,

                                                                              as such are laid before the hearts and minds of man:

                                                                                               where My altar is yet to be disclosed.

My Heralds,

         set My fare before the eyes of man!

         Set my fare on the table of The Lord!

         Set My fare where green pastures grow with nourishment aplenty!

My Heralds,

         set My fare within My churches,

               the gathering points of the Lord,

                                         where the sacred are at home,

                                         where My bride is fed and watered,

                                         where My bride is taught to practise tongues as part of the gifts of My Spirit,

                                         where My bride should prepare and be ready,

                                         where My bride should be armed with the weapons of self-defence.

My Heralds,

         scatter where the birds do feed!

         Scatter where the multitudes are present!

         Scatter where the secular do not encounter the divine!

         Scatter far and wide as dispersion is carried on the voice of man,

                                          as dispersion is carried on the winds of change,

                                          as dispersion is carried by the caravans of trade.

         Scatter where My books are seen with availability!

         Scatter my books abroad so they may be handled,

                                                  so the browsing may be completed by access to the pocket,

                                                  so the end-time works of God may be completed to fulfilment:

                                                                           where a new beginning is both practical and assured—

                                                                                             in being furnished with both the means and the knowledge of the way.

My Heralds,

         gather testimonies from the readers with an incentive to comply—

                                                                    for the labourer is worthy of his hire.

         Gather testimonies which are short and sweet,

                                        which are brief and to the point,

                                        which validate both the source and the journey’s end.

         Gather testimonies which can be used for all modes of My books:

                                                                               the soft covers,

                                                                               the casebound,

                                                                               the electronic,

                                                                               and the audio,

                                                                        that all may be fed and encouraged to develop within the niches where each dwells:

                                                                                                                                        so each may bring honour to My name—

                                                                                                                                        so I may bring honour to the Father.

My Heralds,

         understand the process of distribution and acceptance,

                                              of enabling sales throughout the English speaking world: 

                                              in order that the end-time may be filled with triumph—

                                                                                                   as Satan’s dominion diminishes,

                                                                                                   as Christ becomes esteemed,

                                                                                                   as righteousness brings peace,

                                                                                                   as truth prevents the lies,

                                                                                                   as accountability impacts on freewill,

                                                                                                   as evil is overcome and fused into the light of life:

                                                                                                                                       which shall not dim.

My Heralds,

         do not leave what is seen to be amiss!

         Strengthen and support!

         Rectify and correct!

         Challenge and suggest!

         Persevere and sway the reticence of man!

         Enthuse and inspire the would-be fence sitters:

                                                   who know not on which side to fall.

My Heralds,

         follow-up and suggest!

         Record and verify the numbers on the records,

                                  that all may be correct and true,

                                  that all may be accurate and final,

                                  that all may be trusted as a sure foundation which will not topple in a storm,

                                                                                                        which will not stand in need of correction,

                                                                                                        which will not throw doubt upon the level of acceptance of
                                                                                                                     My books in the end-time psalms of God.

My Heralds,

         check on the acceptance of the shopping chains of man—

                     where the leadership acknowledges the ways of God.

         Request tables in the premises where the multitudes can browse.

         Check also on the secular where display space is at a premium,

                     and the attractiveness of the wares are not perceived from behind a veil:

                                                                                   which is yet to be lifted from the eyes.

      For in these end-times I am lifting veils from eyes!

                                           I am speaking to the deaf!

                                           I am uplifting man to a higher plane!

My Heralds,

         do not underestimate the power and the authority of God bestowed upon His end-time books:

                                                                                                                                with their origin divine;

         do not underestimate the counselling of My Spirit as He watches and leads the passers-by:

                                                                                                 to stop and to enquire of the end-time psalms of God,

                                                                                                 to stop and so acquire the end-time psalms of God.

My Heralds,

         approve and confirm the potential within the preparation for the widespread distribution of God,

                                                                within the widespread marketing of God,

                                                                within the servicing of the layers of the marketplace all open to acceptance— 

                                                                                          with ready access to My books,

                                                                                          with an allowance in setting the time frames of acceptance:

                                                                                                          so the initial impressions can become the sales of record.

My Heralds,

         do not leave a stone unturned!

         Do not leave premises empty of My books!

         Do not turn your backs while the prospect of achievement still opens wide the doors of Heaven and so,

                                                                                                             the doors of Earth!”


Scribal Note: ‘The Lord gave the word;

                       Great was the company of those who proclaimed it:’

The Bible, Psalm 68:11 (NKJV)

    I have been praying for the herald to appear these last few years; And The Lord supplied The Herald right on cue, as to timing and with this scripture, as His final book was coming forth.     

    So this, part of the fare of The Lord, is laid upon His Table for the feasting of both His people and the multitudes— the seekers of truth and righteousness and a relationship in depth with their Living Loving God.

Sample Adjuncts: Websites; Flag, Banner, Standard, (all in 2 sizes); Cap (multi-fitting); T shirt (various sizes); Emblem sticker (2 sizes); Fanfares (3 commissioned and recorded) with Anthem (lyrics and sheet music).



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