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Our Prayer for America, The Beautiful (12.10.16)

May all who love America,

                                in this time of decision on their future path,

                                                                                               join with us in this prayer: 

“O Lord Jesus, 

                   Let not the fall of America progress any further.

                   Let not evil intent encroach upon the Righteous.

                   Let not the iniquity and the fear of man bring Your churches to silence.

                   Let not the call to endeavour fall upon the jealous ears.

                   Let not the misery of the inner cities become as short-lived mushrooms feeding in the darkness on surrounding rottenness
                                                                                                                                                                                                and garbage.

                   Let not the jobs escape the willing hands.

                   Let not righteousness be silent when the nation stands at the crossroads of selecting the rule of law—

                                so injustice may be vanquished from encroaching on a founding Constitution—

                                so a flag of honour may be unfurled on high and not reflect an image born neither of deceit nor of corruption—

                                so peace and protection may dwell within the security of borders which will withstand assault.

O Lord Jesus,

                   Let not the peoples’ vision for America be discarded among the lost dreams of yesterday:

                                          without a chance to develop to its fullness;

                                          without a chance to experience the change as to be wrought by the elected and the chosen;

                                          without the support of womenfolk—

                                                                       with the new generations under foot;

                                          without the support of womenfolk—

                                                                       who despair at what they are forced to suffer;

                                          without the support of womenfolk—

                                                                       impelled by thankless custom to support the status quo;

                                          without the support of families who say they know their God;

                                          without the support for a leader with a vision for the America he knows;

                                          without the support at a critical time in history—

                                                                                                                             when opportunity:

                                                                                   left for regret to arise within the future shackles for what might well have been;

                                                                       will not be permitted so to bloom and flourish for the benefit of man.

O Lord Jesus,

                   Visit the hearts of America.

                   Visit hearts with righteousness.

                   Visit hearts with the need for a new beginning.

                   Visit hearts of stone fixated on repeating the failures of the past.

                   Visit hearts which vibrate with hope and truth and faith.

                   Visit hearts impelled by seeking a better path to follow.

                   Visit hearts who are able to foresee where the past will lead the future;

                                      who are able to foreswear the past where growth has withered in the desert of lost ideals;

                                      who are able to condemn the future prospect of the shadowing of the past communes of the enslaved.

O Lord Jesus,

                   Speak to the Trusting of America,

                                    the Loving of America,

                                    the Grateful of America,

                                    the Serving of America,

                                    the Family of America,

                                    the Menfolk of America,

                                    the Womenfolk of America—

                                                  that ALL may be united in the seeking of a better way—

                                                                  to vanquish the Corrupt,

                                                                                       the Greedy,

                                                                                       the Dippers,

                                                                                       the Stealers,

                                                                                       the Liars,

                                                                                       the Deceivers with all their broken promises—

                                                                        from the offices of the land,

                                                                        from the officers of the land,

                                                                        from the officials with the hearts of stone—

                           seeking wealth and prestige bereft of an intent to serve their fellow man.

O Lord Jesus,

                   Call up a band of Warriors in this time of need for change:

                                                                                   the young and the youthful,

                                                                                   the mature and the sincere,

                                                                                   the elderly and the welcoming:

               for all to join in unison in giving substance as and to The Deplorables of God—

                                                                             to break the curse imposed without merit;

               as they redeem themselves this day and for evermore within the sight of God—

                                                     with their badge of honour emblazoned on their hearts—

                                                     and so to be actioned by their willing hands of change. 

O Lord Jesus,

                   Set the hearts on fire:

                           with their calling to bring change through their ability to instate the choice of both man and God;

                          with the message from their hands casting out the Self-enrichers still ensconced from within the past;

                          with their faith and trust and thrust of the sword of The Spirit—

                                                          into every Trojan horse built on corruption of the soul. 

O Lord Jesus,

                   Impart knowledge and wisdom to the seekers of this nation as they collectively,

                                  yet individually,

                         are to encounter an unforgiving ‘T’ junction set into their highways where they must each choose to turn in


                                  to the left with its static goals from the deceit of broken promises,


                                  to the right with the declared changes where the nation closely holds the promises for the meeting of their
                                                                                                                                                                               needs and wants—

                                                                       and where accountability reigns within a heart.

                   This day may your miraculous will be done within Your oversight and blessing of America—

                                                                                                                                             the land of the free.

                   We lovingly and gratefully ask these things of You,

O Lord Jesus,

                   our Saviour and our Redeemer,

                            in The Name above all names which carries the blood of The Lamb for the glory of Your name and the glory of
                                                                                                                                                                                             The Father.

                                                                                     So be it,

                                                                                                   Lord Jesus.

                                                                                                              Amen and Amen.”



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