My Scrolls

My Missives Going Forth (14.9.12)

“My missives going forth are many and varied,

                                          are for My servants at large in ministering,

                                          are for the ministered found all at sea and wet with dew.

My missives are not sent without a purpose,

                     are not sent to be ignored,

                     are not sent to fail for lack of understanding.

My missives are composed with content which is relevant,

                     are composed from a source of impeccability,

                     are composed for delivery by My Spirit.

My missives carry the stamp of The Holy Spirit;

                     are enveloped in the secure networking of God;

                     are packaged for the ignorant and the impatient,

                                           for the honest and the helpful,

                                           for the righteous and the restless,

                                           for the multitudes of man;

                     are delivered in the language of an empire gone to waste,

                                                        of an empire which turned My people away in their time of greatest need,

                                                        of an empire which brought their guns to bear on the innocent fleeing for their lives,

                                                        of an empire which fired deliberately and watched the death toll rise.

              For such as they have lost the right to rule on the side of God.

              For such as they have lost all but the memories when they stood beside their God.

              For such as they have lost the fear of nations –

                                         have gained the fear of nations –

                                                         as such play with the toys leftover from their time within the sun.

My missives have relevancy as My bride prepares.

My missives have relevancy as the time frame shrinks.

My missives have relevancy as the sands of grace run through the hourglass not to be replenished.

My missives have relevancy in the cleaning of the candidates,

                                               in the dressings selected for their coverings,

                                               in the purity attained –

                                                               where shades of grey are unacceptable.

My missives have relevancy where reliance is misplaced upon My grace for dry-cleaning the spots and blemishes –

                     those which are engrained to resurface with each dawn –

                     those which are at home within a rut and in need of surgery for complete removal –

                     those which have overstayed and become familiar with the erasures borne of grace.

My missives circle and inspect,

                     publish in meeting denial from a soul,

                     confirm with tears when the arrow strikes the heart,

                     are beckoned by a spirit tired of waiting.

My missives steer and validate,

                     change and water,

                     feed and keep.

My missives expand and reinvigorate,

                     teach and encourage,

                     check and are assimilated.

My missives know the golden arrow from the golden bow which targets the golden heart.

My missives can be copied and sent on a different path.

My missives can be sought in an instant upon the network filled with downloads,

                     can be sought in libraries in the islands of origination,

                     can be found specifically alone or in collections for access from a shelf.

My missives borne of Me serve their missions well,

                                          diminish the demons of the day,

                                          celebrate with the spirits in the gathering of souls.

My missives preach and teach,

                     garner and release,

                     expand and magnify:

                                    The Kingdom with The Living God at large within His multitudes;

                                    The Kingdom for The Living God at home within His temples;

                                    The Kingdom of The Living God enthroned within His victory.”


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