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The Warlord of The Nations (17.9.12)

“The warlord of the nations is at home within the sky,

                                             is at home within the seas,

                                             is at home within His stations on the earth.

The warlord of the nations is The God of War,

                                            is The God opposed to evil,

                                            is The God who fights,

                                            is The God who conquers,

                                            is The God who knows the grave in victory,

                                            is The Rider on the white horse,

                                            is The Bowman searching for His arrows –

                                                                                which can be scarce upon the ground,

                                                                                which can be evidenced aplenty,

                                                                                which can be prolific and strewn awaiting use.

The warlord of the nations battles Satan in his guises,

                                            protects the saints choosing to be within His fold, 

                                            leads them in the charge against the enemy of man.

The warlord of the nations has a charger that does not stumble,

                                            has a charger which is very swift,

                                            has a charger incapable of injury,

                                            has a charger known to the valiant,

                                            has a charger leading all the stallions,

                                            has a charger who is set upon the goal.

The warlord of the nations dissembles all the demons,

                                            sees them scattered by the hooves,

                                            sees them trampled underfoot,

                                            sees them churned and raked in The Son light of the day.

The warlord of the nations has a time frame set for victory,

                                            remembers the makeup of His army,

                                            honours those who follow into the strings of battle.

The warlord of the nations hears the shout of victory by the rank and file ‘He is risen –

                                                                                                                              He is risen in deed’,

                                            knows the roar of The Lion of Judah in marshalling His pride,

                                            releases his homing arrows from the bow of righteousness to impinge upon the hearts in need of change.

The warlord of the nations does not rest on the field of battle,

                                            does not rest while the battle rages,

                                            does not rest until the vanquished flee the scene in disarray.

The warlord of the nations attends the battles for the nations,

                                           attends each call to arms,

                                           attends the arming of His saints,
                                           attends the surfacing of volunteers who would liberate the prisoners bound within the jurisdiction of

                                                                                                                                                                                                  the night.

The warlord of the nations leads His people forward,

                                           leads His people to rescue those even as they stand:

                                before the gates of hell;

                                before the deserts of depravity about to enter in;

                                before the high places from which the fall is great;

                                before the secret dens where vice has a grip upon each throat;

                                before the streets of easy access where each store displays its goods on offer;

                                before the seat of Satan where escape from debt is nigh impossible –

                                                                                           despite the flutterings of the heart’s intent.

The warlord of the nations is The God of offered opportunities,

                                            is The God with authority to note the change effected in the direction of man’s freewill,

                                            is The God who notes the affirmation of intent evidenced by the path in history of man’s freewill.

The warlord of the nations determines there is no injustice arising from the missive of intent embedded in each heart –

                               as each discloses the forward treatment due the freewill of man.”


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